I found myself just undergoing depression early last year. I felt like at 24 years old I was not accomplishing as much as I planned to set out to do. I was comparing my journey through life to different women. 

I compared my talents to a couple women where best-selling authors whose ‘pen game’ I deeply admired. Then I found myself comparing myself to women who I even subscribed to on YouTube.

I can truly say that I am not ashamed to admit that I was and still at times can be my own biggest critic. I have struggled with I’m going to call the ‘comparison syndrome’ for most of all my life. 

This year I wrote these 5 damn good reasons to stop comparing MY life to other people’s. I thought that sharing my reasons with you and all my other readers.  I strongly believe that my list may be able to help someone else. 

During this day and age with social media really is a place a lot of people go to find their selves comparing and even becoming jealous of someone else's life. I could keep going on and on, but let’s dive right into this blog post.

1.       You need to validate your self-worth.

There are many ways to validate your self-worth. According to Psychology Today, Validating yourself will help you accept and better understand yourself, which leads to a stronger identity and better skills at managing intense emotions. Self-validation helps you find wisdom.

I love to give myself pep-talks, pray, and even vent by writing out my current feelings and thoughts on paper. Self-Validation starts with you. If you feel like your life suck, then you must discover ways to better yourself physically and mentally.

You can not be walking around faking a smile on the outside with nice clothes, shoes, etc. and feeling like your back is up against a wall on the inside. It just isn’t healthy, and it is self-damming overall. Validate your self-worth today and stop making excuses.  

2.      Create realistic short-term goals and stick to them.

There’s a reason the brain has labeled a “random thought generator.” The average brain can possibly to generate up to 50,000 thoughts per day! Within those many 50,000 thoughts, it is best to have your short-term goals on your mind too. 

Quite as it’s sometimes kept the secret to success is hidden within your daily routine. So, while this girl and that girl are accomplishing their dreams and you are just sitting back watching grabbing more popcorn, you damn sure could be getting your life together and staying busy by focusing on ‘bettering you.’

3.      Discover the real reason(s) behind why you are comparing.

Before you find yourself comparing yourself to another woman, use it as an opportunity to look inward and honestly confront what you may be avoiding. There is truly a deep message behind your self-sabotaging ways with comparing yourself to someone else. Where does it all stem from? Could you truly depress with the life that you are living or is it something else?

4.      Focus on YOURSELF.

In one of my previous blog posts, I talk about how you must be your own damn cheerleader. Girl, if the next woman was always checking for you then she would have by now become your keeper. 

You must focus on yourself. Your goals, life, up’s, and down’s all belong to you. On social media, people can edit out any and everything that does not make them look good. You can not base your life or mindset on another woman’s. 

What’s for her is for her and what’s for you is for you! Focus on leveling up in this life and brush all those thoughts of comparison off.

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