My First New Years As A Mom

in , , by Linda B Hurd, January 02, 2018

I didn't bring in the new year watching beautiful fireworks explode in the brisk night sky. I didn't bring in the New Year watching the ball drop in New York with millions of other eager watchers. I didn't bring in the New Year popping fireworks in 20 degrees southeast Louisiana coldness.

I brought in New Year's in my cozy bed with my husband and baby. When 12:00 am struck I was breastfeeding my 9-week old baby boy. I was content, at peace, and warm. 

This was my very first time being a mom for New Year's and I felt like a real chill and laid-back mama. What I grew to learn during these past 2 months of being a mother is that can't nothing compare to the time you can spend with your child.

I never feel like I'm missing out on not a damn thing when I'm with my family. Mentioning family, I was with all my in-laws on New Year's Day. My brother and sister in law and nieces and nephew had came down from California before they leave in a few more days to pack for their next move to Japan. The time spent with them was priceless. 

No one really knows when the family will ever see them again after they move to Japan. It sucks to think about it like that, but it damn sure is the truth. I enjoyed eating good yesterday courtesy of my mother-in-law. Mama Hurd threw down again! 

I'm talking cabbage, ribs, black-eyed peas, gumbo, mac n cheese, cornbread, and cheesecakes! I wasn’t bashful and ate my lil heart out yesterday. 

I coached my nieces while putting together a Minions gingerbread house. Plus, my baby covered me in breastmilk spit up. Ode to the woos of being a new mom!  

On another note, I really was happy all day for New Years. It felt refreshing experiencing a new year with family.

Just last year my husband and I celebrated New Year's on our patio popping a bottle of wine. (We lost the cork somewhere in our apartment and never discovered it in 2017.) 

We weren't tripping about that cork either. 

This year we both will have a clearer vision of what we are going to accomplish as small and long-term goals. We both have so many areas of improvement to work on and it's not going to happen overnight. Since now I'm a stay at home mom I have the time to work on my career that I complain about for the past 2 years about not having.

I'm excited to see what God has in store for me, my marriage, and family. I'm ready to discover the inner strength that I know I'm equipped with to push on through. 

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