We all go through life and have our fair share of difficulties and come ups. I for one had a much harder time with coping with many of my difficulties in life.

I found myself constantly  around people who had no intentions on wanting to see me grow. I allowed what many people had to say about me hindered my mental growth in the past. Those people were people that I considered close

I had to sort the people out and place them into two groups. Family that I thought wanted the best for me and friends who I thought held my best interest. In the end there were certain ones who were and are against the woman that I knew that I am destined to be.

I knew that all they wanted to do was to deplete my energy that fueled my dreams. I like to think that they wanted to keep me, and my dreams confined in a tiny box that they created in their own minds. 

The tiny box appeared in their minds whenever I use to feel open and comfortable enough to share with them my dreams. That's when they would look at me like I was talking senselessness

They took me for a joke. They tried to dumb down my dreams and my mind frame. 
I had to learn how to keep a high tolerance for ignorance. Everyone that I was riding with was not truly down for me. I could not just spazz out on them just because they did not believe in me. I had to show them better than I could have ever told them. 
I do believe that many people who grow up around and even surround their selves with very negative people. These people may have a more challenging time with being open with there gifts. Believe it or not; there are some folks that are not in tune with their inner strength to push aside other people’s negative views of their life. It is not because they are weak.

It could possibly be because they no longer know what to truly believe of their own self-worth. Their self-worth becomes the clay being sculpted in the hands of a non-believer of them or their dreams. The negative words and actions of people around you can feast on the mind. It can make one think that their are not worth living out their dreams. I stop by to say that those people to learn to grow through what they are going through.

Growing through what you go through is truly enlightening. Within my own experiences, I have removed several people from my life who were NOT for me and my dreams. 

It did not matter if they were family or friends. I say that because so many people make excuses for why someone doesn’t support them. For me, I have no time to create excuses for any one who want to hinder me from chasing my dreams.
Ask yourself these questions. 

“How bad do you truly want to accomplish your dreams?"
"Is there anyone that is trying to stop you?"
"Are you standing in your own way?”

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