Stay In Your Own Movie

in , , , by Linda B Hurd, February 16, 2018

I was re-watching an interview that Oprah had with DeVon Franklin on YouTube a day ago and one of the many messages that stood out to me from that interview was, “Stay in your own movie.”

It resonated with me in not only a mental level but a spiritual level. The first time that I watched the interview (which you can here) was in 2016.) The message didn’t stick with me the way that it should have at all. Now just last year on a mental level I felt like I was not doing enough elevating within my life and surrounding my goals

I was constantly procrastinating and living through the images and videos of other women on my social media outlets. I’ll admit that I constantly found things to complain about. There were weeks that I felt like I allowed my 9 to 5 job to drain me mentally. Of course, I was pregnant and that was draining alone, but I still had work on my dreams to do!

On a spiritual level last year, I felt conflicted within each season. I needed the Lord’s guidance in so many ways. Prayer and quite time were like therpy sessions helping me to push through.

Somehow, I was searching for some type of spiritual breakthrough within my journey last year. When little did I know the spiritual breakthrough was not ready to be fully manifest within my life yet. I had to learn to stay in my own movie instead of focusing on what was happening in someone else’s.

I never been on a set of a movie before. However, I do know that it takes more than a couple of high tech cameras, bright lights, and green screens to make the movie come together. There’s also a lot of scenes that don’t make it to the big screen. When I compare all of what I just said it all resonates within my day to day life.

Being a YouTuber I do have the opportunity to ‘edit’ a lot of clips until my video is ‘what I feel’ worthy of being content on my channel.

So, while I was comparing my life to women from what they had chosen to share on their social media pages I was setting myself up for failure. I asked myself,

“How many of your favorite inspirational women Instagram post all there high and low points in life on their profiles?”

“How many of them truly are checking for you and what you’re doing?”

The time that you spend wondering about their growth/their movie could be time that you spend developing ‘your movie.’

Take each day to give life all you got. Stride each day if your able with confidence. You’re the leader actor in your film of life. 

Stay in your own movie and don’t worry about what’s happening on the movie set or checking to see who's going to be in the credits of someone else's.

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