We are now officially in the month of March! Can you believe that we are three months already into 2018? It's an exciting feeling! I am amped up to take on this month of March.

These past two months have been truly eye-opening. If you're an avid reader of my blog, then you already know that just last month brought about me opening more about my immediate family drama. 

My Uncle Leonard is now in the nursing home as of today. My husband and I also mourned the loss of our guinea pig, Bella of 4 and half years on February 26nd. Bella’s birthday was even coming up this month too. My husband and I are pushing through our week after everything that has been taking place. We have also been having our hands full with our now 4-month-old son, Eli. The sudden poop explosions before bath time or at night have been priceless.

My relationship with Christ has been strengthening. Throughout all there have been times I felt like there were more bills than money. I was pondering about my next step towards chasing my dreams. Moments of getting into the shower to cry and pray as the shower head rained upon my face. I found a lot of comfort within my tears these past two months.

Often people connect tears to weakness. I was always call and labeled a cry baby. The slogan, big girls don't cry, is a complete lie. Well, this is how I feel. The lesson that I recently learned is that crying is relieving.  

There's nothing wrong with crying after prayer or during prayer. I’m feeling more open and comfortable with expressing my deepest emotions. I used to hide my tears for years. I have always caught heat for being a “cry baby.” 

I do admit that I placed a wall up after so many failed friendships, arguments with family members, and even times with my own husband. I no longer knew who to trust. I had shut out so many people from getting a chance to be a friend of mines. Now that I know better my vision is clearer.

I feel like I have better ways to express myself instead of being detach from my true emotions. I realize that even if my voice shakes and tears are racing down my face as I vent, that I am still a strong black woman.

Do you think that crying is a form of weakness as a woman? 
Share your thoughts if you would like in the comment section below.

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