I'm a Christian Introvert

in , , by Linda B Hurd, March 09, 2018

Hi, my name is Linda, and I'm a Christian introvert. I been a Christian introvert since the age of fourteen. To be frank with you the word ‘introvertersion’ has useful description, but a poor definition. Basically, being an introvert means that I'm generally more energized by time alone than by time with people. 

I also prefer a less externally stimulating environment. Now before coming to the terms that I do have introvert ways I been knew that my introvert ways do not keep me from worshiping my Lord and Savior.

I am the Christian who treasures praying in my self-made war room when opposed to praying in a large crowd of people. For me there's too many energies and it sometimes feels overwhelming. If you never heard of the slogan, “You can't ask any and everybody to pray for you.”

That's very true and being an introvert who’s a Christian, I do stand firm on my beliefs.

I am a people person who strongly dislikes small talk. I rather deep conversations that really get me intrigued. Small talk with someone just makes me want to rush and rid my presence altogether. There’s just something about small talk that can sometimes rub me the wrong way. I guess because small talk does not seem genuine at times and almost forced. Whether I am in a church atmosphere or not small talk does not comfort me especially with strangers.
Now, let me admit that I am extremely comfortable in front of a camera lens. I love freely expressing myself. So much so that my openness with my walk with Christ once triggered someone to ask me to be a youth leader at their church and the invitation did not sit well with me.

One of the main reasons the invitation did not sit well with me is because I knew I had introvert ways. I also did not feel spiritually equipped to be a youth leader in any church. I believe that I was not call during that time in my life to lead anyone within their walk-in life and especially with Christ.

Okay, it was not an excuse. It was my truth. I had to get myself right with Christ to feel fit to be a leader. Being a Christian introvert did not keep me from getting souls saved or helping others get closer to Christ. In fact, being a Christian introvert helped me grow closer relationship to Christ within my own lane.

I developed ways to deepen my relationship with Christ instead of solely relying on someone else’s relationship to fuel me to motivate me within my walk. I just really want to say that I don’t use my introvert ways to shield me as a Christian. Neither do I allow my introvert ways to keep me from spreading the Gospel of Christ and how He is changing my life on my social media platforms and real life. 

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