According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of roll with the punches is for one to be able to deal with a series of difficult situations. The meaning also does means via Google, (of a boxer) move one's body away from an opponent's blows to lessen the impact. 

For me, I have found that life often has a way of hitting you where it hurts. If life knocks you into a fetal position, what will be your comeback?


Just let the question simmer in your mind for a tad bit. I don't want to rush you. Truth be told, I'm not a boxer. I sure can land a few punches, jabs, and kicks in the right places. I'm even sure you can too! The true test arises when situations in life catch you off guard while you are minding your business and land that sneak attack. A sneak attack that's strong enough to make you stumble, but you catch your fall.

In life, I never get comfortable anywhere I may be. No matter if I was working a 9 to 5, was financially stable, pushing a new whip, or even at the height of my career, I'm not going to be comfortable. I'm always going to be growing and remaining ready for anything. Keeping an emergency stash, stacking money instead of trying to be fly, and being mindful of my current situation keeps me rolling with the punches of life.

I'm a Christian and I believe that God fights my battles along with me. He foresees everything that tries to approach me that doesn't have His favor written all over it. My priorities in this lifetime may be different than others. I stumble along the way in my life journey, but I will make it through!

Now let’s rephrase the question mention before. If life knocks you into a fetal position what would be your victory move? Do not be discourage during any battle within life. I used to be selfish with sharing my firsthand experiences in life in fear of the negative judgments from others. I have now grown and have learned to not be afraid to be open with parts of my life and spiritual journey.

Rolling with the punches when the going gets tough is not about dodging every hit; it is about being able to throw a hit back even when you feel like you’re not able to keep fighting through the battle. God's mercy endures.

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