What’s going well in my life right now is my marriage. I hardly ever really touch on my marriage on my blog mainly because I’m not really open to sharing my marriage. I’ve been married ever since December 20th, 2013. 

This coming December will make 5 years of being married to my better half. I have admitted in a few of my previous blog posts that my husband and I argue just like every other married couple. We have our fair share of our up’s and downs too. I’ve learned over the years that for us to grow as a married couple we must keep a strong prayer life, communication between one another, and be forgiving.
We both went into our marriage with chips upon our shoulders. My chip was being outspoken and blunt no matter if it hurts. Bruce’s chip was knowing how to ignore every situation that may arise without addressing anything. We both had to get rid of those chips on our shoulders quick too. Of course, time did heal a lot of the verbal wounds we caused on another. It took a whole lot of prayer and forgiveness for us to have made it this far in our marriage. 

We have struggled together, been homeless together, and most of all laughed together. I don't envision a better companion to share my memories with.
We both are the total opposites too. I am the cheerful girl that’s always smiling and he his always mugging. For real. Fo’real. People are always curious about how we met and whenever we say the party line, they look at us surprised. A country girl who fell in love with a city boy and eventually started a family years later.

Nowadays, we are striving to be the best spouse that we can be for one another. We give each other space without hesitation to do our own thing. Even though we hardly take photos with each other like we use so I am still happy to say that my marriage is solid. We don’t need a recent photo to prove our love for one another.

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  1. I read this and there is so much to be thankful for... Yes every marriage is not perfect but working together and having God in the midst of it will make it worth fighting for.. Me and my husband are very different also but that's the beauty of it. So many young ladies should be exspired cuz I know I am

    1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your story my girl!

  2. Wow! I love this. A mere relationship is hard enough but marriage? That’s something deep with trials that are unimaginable until in it! I wish you two the best!! Beautiful beautiful couple!!!

  3. Always keep God first and others out of you business is the motto I go by. You guys look amazing and happy. Congrats on your upcoming 5 years!!!