If any of my readers remember the show True Life that was on MTV in the 2000’s? If any of you do remember that show, then you already know that it did inspire this blog post!

I was a huge fan of the show in fact whenever MTV had reruns of the show on certain weekends I would legit binge watch! For me watching the show made me feel like I was connecting with a stranger whether it was male or female on a personal level. A personal level that brought a lot of comfort to me. It was so awesome to see people that were possible years older than me at the time, share parts of their lives with the world!

I wanted to be on the show too. I'm pretty sure we all probably knew someone who would have had an amazing true-life story to be film, documented, and shared with the world! Of course, I would have talked about my lymphedema. If you missed that blog post click here to read.

Alright, let's hop on into the juicy part of this blog post that a lot of y'all want to read and see anyway! I was born with 3 nipples. According to a 2012 study, 2 to 6 percent of women and 1 to 3 percent of men develop extra breast tissue growth, with nipples more likely to show up than breasts. And fewer than 200,000 Americans are born with extra nipples annually, according to the National Institutes of Health.

I discovered that I had a 3 nipple that I once thought was a mole underneath my right breast from a visit to my gynecologist for my annual Paps Smear screening. Of course, whenever you get your Paps Smear your doctor examined your breasts for any lumps or anything that's uncommon to the look or touch.

3rd nipple.

While I was undergoing my examination, my gynecologist told me that I had a third nipple. I was in disbelief! I even said to him, “Naaa, are you serious?”

He said with a reassuring smile, “Ms. Linda, if I’m lying I’m flying! Your third nipple is right here underneath your right breast.”

I laughed and said, “Well, you can't fly just yet. Ladies like me need you. Plus, I thought that that was a mole.”

He smiled and said, “Trust me, if I was able to fly I wouldn't go anywhere at all. No mole at all. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn’t tell you.”

“That's what's up, Dr. G. You have blown my mind today with letting me know that I have a 3rd nipple! I'm sure my husband will enjoy this news!”

“You shouldn't feel bad about it. My younger brother has three nipples too. I used to tease him about it when we were kids. I think that it's unique and encourage all my patients to love their imperfections. I see over anywhere from 15-20 patients a day. Seeing a third nipple is like a highlight moment of my day because most of my patients never knew that their third or sometimes even fourth nipple was not a mole, to begin with.”

“I'm really shocked and I'm definitely going to continue to love and accept my body. Especially my three girls!” I laughed as I sat up on the examination bed.

My doctor laughed and said, “I'm pretty sure your husband will love you either way.”

After my doctor and I talked a little longer and he said his goodbyes I got back dressed and was out the office. I felt confident and was excited to share the news with my husband. Chile, he couldn't wait to suck on it! I'm so happy that no milk comes out of my third nipple too; being that I am a breastfeeding mama.

I also want you to know that having a third nipple isn't like having a superpower. Hell, I have no yearning or desire to have a superpower either. All I know is that I still accept myself and love myself unconditionally.

Having a third nipple may seem so odd to some folks, but it's a part of me. A part of my body that I'm in love with. I have three nipples and not a lot of people do. It's a conversation starter for sure. I also wanted to share it with you because we click like that!

Let me also say that I wasn't always comfortable with my body or sharing my imperfections with the world. I believe that sharing more of what makes me who I am with the world is amazing. I want my confidence to be apparent through every word that you read on my blog whenever I share very intimate parts of my life and myself with you.

What's an imperfection it could even be more than one that you have that you may not be comfortable with sharing with the world to see? Do you still embrace your imperfections?

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