For the past 10 years of living with lymphedema, I chose not to allow it to define me. My lymphedema does not hold me back from achieving and accomplishing my goals. I am fortunate to not have my lymphedema worse than what I do. I truly thank God for my health and strength every day. For I have grown to be more accepting of my lymphedema.

I embrace what many would label my imperfection with grace. For years, I once cringed going shopping for dresses, shorts, and even shoes out in public. There was something about just having to show my possibly swollen feet and ankles that just did me in. Honey, I would pressure myself to try on everything in my dressing room stall and not come out until I was fully dress.

Whenever I tried on shoes I made sure I only placed on one shoe on my right foot that doesn't predominantly have most of the swelling as my left foot. To me, if the left shoe fit then often the right one did too. There were many times I sized my shoes improperly just from feeling embarrassed about simply having to try them on! I either needed to size up and go wider or do both by the time I got home and had enough courage to try both shoes on.

I have hidden my lymphedema for years. I avoided taking full body pictures that displayed my lymphedema. It took me years to have the inner strength and confidence to step out on faith and share my journey with you. In my everyday life, I have incorporated more shorts and dresses in my closet and even more shoes!

I'm stepping out this year with confidence. My lymphedema won't hold me back any longer from feeling beautiful and living my best life. This summer 2018 will bring out the very best in me and my imperfections.

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