We are officially 7 months in 2018. Where has the time gone? When this year began I barely had money in my bank accounts, my husband and I were on tough times, and I was depressed. Throughout these past seven months, I have risen above my past struggles. I have learned so many valuable lessons. 

On the days I found myself in tears contemplating my next move in life I found peace within myself and God. I stay to myself these days. I’m learning more about myself and the people in my life. Everybody will not be happy or proud of the blessings I am receiving, and I am fine with that. After almost 5 years of doing honest hair product reviews on YouTube, I have become a brand ambassador. 

This year for Essence Fest I will be working with a brand and meeting my supporters and eager customers. Who would have thought that this lil’ ole country girl would be making a name for herself in the city of New Orleans? It’s been a long time coming for my growth. I appreciate how far I have come. I was a nervous wreck in tears a few days ago thinking about how far I have come at 25 years old.

I still reflect July 7th, 2011 and my impulsive decision to grab my shears and cut my transiting hair. I was frustrated with the two textures of hair. I was holding on to the relaxed ends of hair because I was afraid of how my boyfriend and even family members would think of me. I was at my now in-law’s home in one if their bathrooms wetting down my transitioning hair with a cheap conditioner and a spray bottle filled with warm water.

I started grabbing random pieces of relaxed hair and started cutting. Snip. Snip. Snip. I was getting scissor happy. I was loving what I see in the mirror. I was beautiful, and I felt it deep within my spirit. When my boyfriend came home he was shock after seeing my natural hair. Bruce was a smoker back then and had gone straight outside and taken a long swig of a cigarette before rubbing my head like as if I was a playful puppy. He also gave me a passionate kiss and loved me the same ever since.

Seven years ago, accepted my true self. I redirected my YouTube channel in 2014 to document my natural hair journey and my honest thoughts on hair care products. My intentions were pure with sharing my thoughts and truth. After years of grinding and just months into my first year of being a full-time YouTuber, I’m more financially stable than I was before I left my part-time job to become a stay at home mom. My growth has been lovely. I prayed for the days that I am experiencing now! I deserve everything that God has for me and more!

I believe that God is getting ready to blow my mind this year. God has reminded me that even in the darkest times I can run to Him. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I’m ready to continue to get what God has prepared for me.

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