Being a black breastfeeding mom for these past nine months has been empowering, life changing, and priceless. Today marks the last day of world breastfeeding week, but the nursing sessions shall still go on. Here’s a question & answer session from me to you inspired by

Taken on 8-7-18

What motivated you to breastfeed?
I never grew up seeing my mother breastfeeding or any black woman from my small town. I wanted to experience breastfeeding as a mother.

What is the history of breastfeeding like in your family?
I do not recall having the conversation with my mother about being breastfed or not, yet.

What was your attitude toward breastfeeding before having done it yourself?
I was inspired by the lactation specialists to keep moving forward. I had no one to motivate me in my everyday life to keep at it or to do it. 

What were the early days of breastfeeding like?
The early days of breastfeeding were stressful. My husband kept a chart that helped us keep track how often I breastfed and on what breasts I nursed on.

November 7th, 2017

What has been your biggest breastfeeding-related challenge?
My biggest breastfeeding related challenge has been keeping my milk supply up. The last time I was really engorged was for Thanksgiving 2017 when I had a sweet potato pie! I haven’t felt my boobs engorged in so long. I really want to pump my breast and store as much milk as possible like many other breastfeeding moms that pump.

What has been easiest about breastfeeding?
Well, I will say that I hardly ever make bottles and must clean them. Free the boobies!

How long did/will you breastfeed? How long exclusively?

I have “plans” on breastfeeding until my son is about 15 months old. I do not want to still be breastfeeding my son when he is two years old.

Who have been your breastfeeding role models?
All my breastfeeding role models are online and any black woman who does breastfeed. 

How did you learn to breastfeed?
The hospital that I choose to birth my baby LC helped me get my baby to latch on properly and helped me with nursing my baby.

November 20th, 2017

What’s the best/worst breastfeeding advice you’ve ever received?
The worst breastfeeding advice I have ever received was someone telling me to start using fenugreek so early on during my breastfeeding experience. It really jacked up my foremilk and my overall supply. I would have started the fenugreek pills around the six-month mark instead.

Have you experienced any negative reactions from others regarding breastfeeding?
Yes, people asking me if I’m going to stop any time soon. People feeling the need to ask me why I don’t have any milk to give my baby in a bottle instead of from my breasts all the time. 

Who has been your biggest supporter about breastfeeding?
My biggest supporter about breastfeeding has been my husband for sure.

What is/was your breastfeeding routine like?
I have no routine with feedings. I just try to space the feedings out as much as possible during the day. 

How do/did you handle separations from your breastfeeding child?
I make sure that there is pumped breast milk in the freezer for my husband to give to our baby. Other than a freezer supply I do not go far away from my baby as of now.

Is there anything that you wish you would have done differently?
I wish I would have pumped more during the first five months to build a freezer stash, but other than that I’m content with everything. 

What would you say to a woman who is unsure about whether or not to breastfeed?
Do your research for YOURSELF.
Get into contact with a local Lactation Specialist if you can for help and advice.
Do not compare your breastfeeding journey or experience to the next mama. We all have different boobies with milk supplies that carters to different babies.

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