This past Saturday I had an amazing facial courtesy of and by Queendom Aesthetics owner and license esthetician Melissa Odum-Williams. She is a beautiful black woman with a passion for educating and uplifting people that runs deeper than just skin.

Many of Queendom Aesthetics customers discovered their Instagram. I found them on Instagram through one of my YouTube subscribers. During that time my skin was at its worst. I was on the verge of getting a chemical peel because I despise my acne on my face. My confidence was low, and I was searching for better and natural skin care products.

On their company’s Instagram page, you will see many of the Queendom Aesthetics customers who have had amazing results from using their soaps, masks, and beauty cream. Melissa steps out on faith to chase her dream of taking her company to the next level.

She left her job working at Verizon to dive into her true passion in 2015. Her husband supported her decision and dreams as she held tight to her faith. Melissa is also a mother of four beautiful daughters who are proud of how far their mama has made it.

My experience at Queendom Aesthetics was amazing. Everyone who works in her spa has a great personality and smile. I was greeted as soon as I walked in. The front desk receptionist handed me a clipboard that had sheets of paper attached to it to fill out on myself, skin, and allergies. Once I was completed my paperwork for it being my very first facial Melissa was ready for me.

I walked the room that is used for all the services provided. The relaxing sounds of nature played from a machine that reflected an array of low colored lights like a humidifier. A slight steam came from another machine that was over a massage table.

On the table was a dark mint green robe and a towel with a pair of white lightweight spa slippers. Melissa also asked me if the room temperature was okay for me before instructing me to get changed into my robe and slippers as she left the room.

She also asked me if I wanted any water too. I was fine and just taken away from my surroundings. Once I was in my robe and slippers I poked my head out the door to let her know I was ready. I made myself comfortable on the table right on top of the towel.

At the time I had no clue I could have placed it on top of me, chile because I would have fasho’ covered my feet. I haven’t had a pedicure in over a month and my lymphedema feet were hit. Anyhow, yes now back to the experience.

Melissa placed the machine with the steam over my face as we sparked an amazing conversation. I received the Queendom Signature facial. This facial is rated number one by the majority of all their clients.

This is from their site about the facial: Is a safe physical exfoliation removing the otter most layer of dead skin & fine vellus. Also included is a Microdermabrasion. This service offers immediate results. Fresh aloe is immediately applied during this service. We start out with a deep steam cleansing, exfoliation, tone and begin the procedure. We love to call this the New Face Facial. This facial is not available for those with active acne. We recommend a basic facial to reduces your breakouts to prepare your skin for this amazing service.

Here are some of the photos of my experience as well! Have you ever treated yourself to a facial of some sort? If you would like to feel free to share your experience! If you haven’t had a facial before still share your thoughts below.

Click here to visit and to even shop her site. If you live in Louisiana to book you a visit with Queendom Aesthetics here in New Orleans, you will love experience. 

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