My Lymphedema Won't Stop My Confidence

in , , by Linda B Hurd, October 15, 2018
Yesterday, I was on a natural hair panel for my friend Kineatra Jones’s first ever Naturally Nex Affair. I was excited for her as well as for everyone who came out to attend. 

On Saturday I found myself in a local Rainbow clothing store. I was on a search for a pair of shoes. Not just any pair of affordable flats, heels, or boots was going to do. I was in search for a pair of cute shoes that was going to showcase my lymphedema.

If you are an avid reader of my blog or just find my lymphedema journey intriguing, then you already know that I'm not ashamed to keep it honest. When you live with lymphedema especially in your feet or legs being a woman you still desire to want to look gorgeous. I encourage every woman no matter young or old to not be afraid to go out in public and try on a pair of shoes.

While I was trying on a pair of boots I didn't realize how narrow they were. I pulled up the zipper and checked out my right foot (which doesn't get a swollen as the left.) My foot felt like an overstuffed po-boy in that boot. I tried to unzip it a few times and couldn't. Damn it!

There were a mother and her teenage daughter watching me struggle to get the boot off. I smiled nervously at them with my eyes squinted. I know they were getting a few giggles in, hell I would have been too. My eyes searched around for my husband, Bruce. He was pushing our son in his stroller around clothing racks in a pacing motion. I tried to eye him down.

He wasn't paying attention to me until I said with fear in my voice, “Oh my God, baby it’s stuck!”

He came over in a panic while trying to talk all low, “Oh, shit. I don't even know why you tried that ugly boot on in the first place.”

I rolled my eyes and stuck my right foot out. He was right, and I didn’t want to argue. The black suede boot was hideous!

He reached for my foot while I was standing up trying to balance myself on the wall behind me. The mother and daughter watched as my husband struggled to pull the shoe off my foot. I could have fallen my crazy ass forward into all the boots that were on display from the force of his pull.

It took some serious manpower to get my foot out of the boot. I was so tickled pink and pissed all at the same time. My husband had a few beads of sweat that formed on his forehead. He pointed the shoe at the box that it came from.

“No more, boots bae.”
“At least not from here.” I teased.

I laughed as I put the boot back in its box and said a little prayer over it. Lord, thank you for my husband’s strength. I decided to try on a pair of flats to wear for the event and Bruce asked me if I was sure. Truth be told; I wasn't sure that I wanted to wear a pair of flats at all. I knew that my lymphedema would be on full display.

To people who do not know about my lymphedema, it can trigger unnecessary attention. The unnecessary attention that makes me uncomfortable. I do not ever want to feel like a charity case because of how someone may view me with lymphedema.

I also wanted to just disguise my feet swelling as best as I could. I decided that I was going to wear a pair of boots to the event. A pair of boots that I had in my closet at home. It was 80 degrees outside. I didn’t want to feel silly in a pair of boots while everyone else was in flats and heels, but it was a last-minute decision. I decided to wear my boots! I know that the weather does not hold folks back in New York when it comes to their Timberlane’s! I second line stepped my way into the doors of the event. Upon my arrival, my husband took a few beautiful photos of me.

He reminded me how beautiful I am regardless if anyone noticed my lymphedema. I was embracing my lymphedema in my boots, baby! The best part about embracing my lymphedema is having the ability to walk. There are some women who are not as fortunate as I am with living with lymphedema. I am empowered enough to share my journey with you. I do not allow my condition to keep me from stepping out of my home without a mission.

My mission is to keep inspiring, educating, and uplifting others! I could of have a break down while trying on those boots. I could have not even shared that moment with you. However, my truth can add light to my message. If you aren’t living in your truth, then how are you living?

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  1. Beautiful! And yes people wear whatever they want these days, despite the season, so you don't even look out of place to me. But this post is a great reminder to embrace our individual journeys and don't let them tear down our confidence.

  2. Thank you! You are so right too. People do wear whatever they want despite the season. I'm so happy that you enjoyed this blog post and the message behind it. I appreciate you Michelle for your continued support throughout the years.

  3. Thank you! You are so right too. People do wear whatever they want despite the season. I'm so happy that you enjoyed this blog post and the message behind it. I appreciate you Michelle for your continued support throughout the years. I love ethic Women's Clothing Stores.
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