Just last Saturday I had the opportunity to speak at the Baton Rouge Natural Hair Expo. I thought I was prepared just from writing a speech. Days before the expo, I confided in my husband.

I said staring at my speech on my tablet screen, “Baby, I’m not sure about my speech. Will people even care to know about who I am or what I can teach them?”

He shook his head as he took a seat on the edge of our bed right next to me. “I already know you got this. Public speaking comes naturally to you. Look, even if you don’t say nothing that you wrote down, you still will deliver.”

I smiled and reassured myself that God will allow me to deliver my speech. I leaned over and gave Bruce a kiss and said, “Thank you for always believing in me.”

He kissed me again and looked deep in my eyes. “Don’t ever have a doubt in your mind that I don’t. Okay?”

“Okay, baby.”

You may be thinking why was I doubting myself? Why was I even speaking at this natural hair expo, to begin with? 

I was doubting myself for one reason, fear. Fear of being side-eyed. Fear of having a speech that wasn’t compelling. I was speaking at the natural hair expo to educate, motivate and inspire other black women and men to be aware of the highs and lows within their natural hair journey and with how they feel during their experiences.

My speech was deeper than hair. I brought light to my own experiences being a natural hair YouTuber as well. I was surprised by the number of people who wanted my business card after my speech. I was surprised by the women and men that wanted to hug me and chit chat. 

You never know who will be intrigued to hear about what you been through! You never know who wants to support you! I had to remind myself of this. I’m still building my personal brand. I still have my own story to tell. I will not be mentally imprisoned by my fear. I remember vividly just writing down my fears. 

Writing down my fears allowed me to envision myself accomplishing them. My fears written out didn’t seem so intimating. The thought of facing my fears was was what triggered the intimation. 

So, now I want to ask you how do you view your fears? If you had a chance to face your fears head on, how would you approach them? 

My journey in life has already humbled me beyond what the eye can see. I approach my fears with an open mind and determination. No one can hold you back from succeeding unless you allow them to. If you ask me, Excuses are dressed up lies ready to party. Don’t let excuses hold you hostage to your fears. 

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  1. Come on now, say that!!! This is so inspiring Linda. Thank You!!

  2. This was well needed Thank You so much Women of God I love you your the Queen at motivating and easing the mind