Love can sweep you off your feet! You can get so caught up in wanting to tell your friends and family about your love life. It’s great to want and have someone to confide in about your relationship. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to share all the truth between you and spouse with outsiders. Here are 4 relationship topics to keep private.

It may seem as if it is common sense, however common sense is not so common these days. 

How’s the sex?

Girl, before you think about telling your friend, cousin, niece, or sister about the intimate details of your sex life you should think twice. It doesn’t matter how cool you are with anyone. What happens in your bedroom with your spouse should remain there. If you have any complaints about your sex life then take that up with your spouse and not by confiding in anyone else. 

Your income or financial situation.

Okay, my girl. The money that your spouse brings home is not anyone’s business. If y’all struggling financially you just cannot confide in any and everyone about it. Every woman you tell your highs and lows about are not going to have your best interest in mind. Be careful who you trust with your income information. If you feel like you and your spouse need to have a talk about y’all financial situation then please let him or her know. 

Petty arguments or disagreements 

We all will have those petty arguments with our significant other. It’s human nature to have disagreements with your significant other as well. Whatever happens between you and your spouse when tension builds up doesn’t need to be told. I have learned the hard way to keep my mouth shut and move along with positive vibes. 

Family secrets/tea

I can understand how the tea on your family could be hot! For some women, it’s much harder for them to keep family secrets to themselves. Don’t let gossip place you in the position of being the bone carrier. Your family’s tea doesn’t have to be told. Even if you aren’t married it doesn’t give you the excuse to tell your spouse’s family drama to anyone. 

Let me know what are some things that you keep private about your relationship no matter if it's current or past.

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