It’s February 1st! How have you been holding up? The month of January came and went quickly. Well, for me I have been doing well. Last month, God gave me so much clarity on what He wants me to do with my talents. 

I learned that I can show people more about my spiritual life than I can tell them. I understand that everyone does not have the desire to chase after the life that they pray for. 

Getting on your knees or even just going to God in prayer with no motivation or drive won’t bring you closer to your dreams. There should not be a halt in someone’s faith in their selves to see how God shows out for them.

If you haven’t read my previous blog post on prayer journaling, then the link can be accessed by clicking here. I have had quite a few people ask me about my journaling experience. Ever since I decided to take photos and post them to my Instagram and Pinterest of my prayer journal pages I have been receiving questions on how I started. Quite a few people ask me how they can be consistent with prayer journaling too. 

My journey with prayer journaling has left me in tears after penning down my truth to Christ many times. There’s nothing glamorous about keeping a prayer journal. Being intrigued to start journaling to Christ can stir up all sorts of emotions that can leave many with little to no faith in His works frustrated. Simply, put prayer journaling is not for everyone. 

I’ve been prayer journaling on and off since 2016. I was not consistent within the first few months into my letters to God. When I first started journaling to God my faith had been shaken. I was having a difficult time while working on my job. My husband and I were always having heated arguments. I did not know whether or not we were heading towards a divorce. My financial situation was a mess. 

I also was not sure about the people who I labeled my friends in my life at the time. Let me also say that so much was wrong that I could have counted on one hand the things that were right. I wanted to talk to God while being able to reflect back on everything that I said to Him.

I always collected and wrote in several different journals ever since 2003. I knew that one of the God-given talents I had was writing. Writing always came easily to me. When I just could not find the words to pray out loud to God then I would write. I would write out my truth to God. 

I would have a notebook and even composition books filled with many tear-stained letters to God pages. All my questions, pain, happy moments, and even prayer requests were penned away to Christ. His favor touched me. His mercy upon my life was vivid to me. The way that I was living was not fulfilling His word. The way that I thought about my life and self was an insult to His promise. 

The way my marriage was displeasing to His sight. I had to give my life to back over to Him without any hesitation. It took weeks into consistent prayer journaling to grow within my prayers. I had to understand what I was going to God for in prayer. I had to be able to put in the work towards my prayers. God just does not work alone. You have to be able to apply yourself to receive your blessings. 

I had no idea how many people admired my strength until last year. Just last month, I realized how many people were moved by my letters to God. I had an impact on how people started to view their own relationships with Christ. Just the thought of how many people that are now interested in prayer journaling from my journey is heartfelt.

I want to encourage you for the start of February to chase after that life that you pray about. I will be starting a one-week journaling challenge this month. I would love for you to join me. More information on my one-week journaling challenge will be posted next week. Until then take care and journal without any hesitation!

Share with me your thoughts in the comment section! I would love to talk to you. 

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