We are our own biggest critics. Let that sink in. We live in a world and during a time that being self-conscious is popular. Many of us have a cell-phone filled with photos. Photos that were taken at different angles, in different places, and at different times in our lives.

I’m sure that a lot of those photos will never be on your social media platforms for many reasons. I will leave the thinking on that topic up to you. Just don’t over think the reasons why. 

I found myself suffering from being self-conscious. I second guessed my appearance in photos that I have taken on my iPhone camera roll. The first thought that would cross my mind was, “Chile, this photo won’t get anything close to a hundred likes.”

I was validating myself from the thoughts of little ole Instagram likes. I wasn’t validating myself on the beautiful and hardworking black woman that I am. I was not validating myself from a place of self-love and self-worth. 

So, you know what? I backed away from posting anything for a week on my Instagram profile. I had to take the time to get myself back together. On Instagram people could be loving on you today and dispising you tomorrow. If we seek constant validation from the gratification of likes we can easily start to doubt or dislike things about our selves from the comparison of others.

Let me ask you this, have you ever sought validation from social media outlets? Validation that you’re not trippin’ about how good you look? Validation that you know you should get the damn job? Validation that you’re worth chasing your dreams? Validation that you should pursue accomplishing your goals? 

Oh, trust me! I could go on and on. Social media has become a place that people crave the validation of others. You possibly even see people on your timeline who crave the validation of others to build their platforms.

I do not want to be a woman who turns to any of my social media platforms for a boost of confidence. I desire to be that woman who knows her worth outside of social media and in real life. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see a few likes or comments on your social media posts. However, when you crave the validation of others more than having confidence in yourself then things can get out of hand. 

As you read this I would just love for you to understand that God’s validation upon your life is priceless. You have so much potential. Value what you love about yourself. Value your self-worth. 

Understand that everyone will not like you and what you do. You will live. You will thrive without countless likes and comments to your photos and or videos. Keep pushing and don't settle for the validation of others.

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  1. Enjoyed the post. The only validation we should seek is that of GOD, Our Father. Any other opinion is irrelevant. Our Father states that we are marvelously and beautifully made. We are HIS creation and we should be grateful that HE took the time to create us uniquely, beautifully, and marvelously.

    1. Thank you so much! You are so right! God truly knows our hearts. He can help ease our minds. He can guide and strengthen us.

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  3. I really enjoyed your blog, thanks for sharing