It’s amazing what our pride can make us do. I had a moment this morning to self-reflect on some of my most negative traits. Whenever you get an opportunity of having clarity with yourself, I recommend that you do the same. Okay, so I was sitting down staring at a blank Microsoft Word document at my dining room table. I was just thinking of the moves and of the decisions that I could have done differently in the past few weeks. 


One of the reasons why I was in such deep thought was because I felt like I had let my pride get in the way. I’m an Aquarius woman with pride issue. I tend to play off my issues and brush off my true feelings about a situation because I’m in a way prideful. 

I do not ever want to look like a damn charity case, especially being that I am a mother and wife. My pride shifts to a higher level whenever I reflect on my childhood. I think about how much growing up in poverty from 1-19 years old had a drastic effect on how I live and view life.

When you grow up with not a pot to piss in with a window to throw it out of you move differently. I vividly remember the Caucasian family that my mama used to slave in their sugar cane field bring me and my two siblings’ food and clothes. The way that they use to look at us reminded me of how some tribes in Africa look at Caucasian people for the first time. It took years of prayer to let go of my feelings of embarrassment. I replaced those negative feelings with thankfulness.

My mama never minded looking like a charity case. I despised it, because of my value and potential. I just knew that I could do so much better for myself. I knew that I had the hustle in me to help to provide for my family way back then. 

Today, I just feel like my pride has shielded me from being a quote-unquote ass kisser. I’m in my own lane. However, I know I need guidance. I’m seeking a mentor. I’m actively praying for a mentor. I have no idea who God will place in my life to help me, but I feel like she will be coming.

I will admit that I would love to have a mentor to help me excel. It comes a point in all our lives where we must let our guard down and let someone in. If you are struggling to pay a bill, mortgage, or rent then my prayer for you today is that you let someone know. Even if that someone you know cannot help you right away; the truth lies in the beauty of placing your pride to the side. We all are going through something! 

We all are finding or rediscovering our passions in this lifetime. There is someone or some people who deeply admire who we are! They don’t have a clue how many tears, sleepless nights, and frustrations that have led us into becoming who we are today.

There’s someone who wants to ask you something and they are afraid. They are bashful and prideful because they do not want to approach you whether it’s in person or via social media. Walk in your light daily. I am here to let you know that you should not let an ounce of pride hold you back from anything. Be mindful in your strength.

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