You Better Put In The Work!

in , , , , by Linda B Hurd, April 18, 2019
I was having a conversation earlier this week with a blogger friend of mines. We somehow started talking about the latest self-help books and audibles. She asked a very intriguing question. She said, “After reading so many self-help books I still find myself being more self-critical on many areas of my life. Do you think I’m going crazy? Am I taking the advice and views of other authors too seriously?”

I told her that all help is self-help. She is not going crazy and I told her that in truth. Let’s just be real. No one can help you more than yourself. Many people pay lots of money for guidance, clarity, and self-help. 
There’s no teacher, mentor, coach, or professional contact who’s going to do the work for you to help you advance your life. We often know what it takes to get on the right path. It takes the willingness to be receptive. It takes the willingness to want to be discipline on the road to achieving your dreams.
In order to proceed with outside resources, the inner you must be willing to be resolved. I’m all for seeking guidance and help. Just be mindful that you do your research on who you are taking life advice from. Before you purchase that book/audible, program, or course, make sure you’ve bought into the work.
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