Sometimes we don’t take the necessary time to reflect on our growth. We use to tolerate so much from people, in the workplace, and within how we viewed ourselves. When you realize that you are much stronger than you use to be it feels refreshing.

Here are three subtle signs that you are much stronger than you use to be: 

1. You understand and value your worth.

Choosing yourself doesn’t make you feel selfish. You value yourself. 

You know what you have to offer. You know what you can bring to the table. There’s nothing or no one standing in the way of your happiness.

There’s no relationship worth saving that has cost you your peace of mind on countless occasions. There’s no job offer that will make you settle right away. You know how and when you let go of people who mean you no good.

2. You are no longer bothered by what people have to say or think about you. 

It’s liberating when you stop concerning yourself with what people think of how you live your life, style your hair, or how you choose to hustle. 

It feels freeing. The stress is no longer weighing you down. 

You can post your photos on social media without fear that someone is going to judge you. You can rest pretty good at night knowing that what people may say about you won’t pay a bill in your house! Go head on with yo’ bad self, boo! I see you!

3. You don’t desire the validation of others in order to feel good about yourself or decisions. 

Seeking validation from people or even strangers on the internet can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You no longer need to follow through with your close friend to know if they believe in your dream. 

Posting a selfie on Instagram without any filter doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. You’re going to smile regardless if people think or say your outfit is basic or not appealing to them.

 What people don’t co-sign on about you doesn’t affect your view yourself. Even when you may feel alone in your truth you have made subtle signs of strength and change.

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