I used to be hesitant about cutting people off. I made excuses for other people’s actions towards me as if I was always the problem. I never wanted to be that person who left a bad taste in someone’s mouth. You can also say that I was indeed a people pleaser.

I was once that girl who always answered the phone to listen to you vent. That girl who always responded back to your text messages even when I did not feel like being bothered. That girl who told others her dreams and business freely to those who did not care a bit about her making progress in life.

I also use to remain friends with people who only hit my line once every few months. Whenever I would talk to them over the phone or in person the energy would feel different. The friendship was no longer sincere in many ways, but I held on.

You get it. I promise I won’t make this blog post all about me. I just want you to also stop feeling guilty for wanting peace. Some of us have gone through the same guilt. Others were not sure what those conflicting feelings were when they did experience them.

3 Ways to stop feeling guilty for wanting peace

Appreciate yourself and everything that you do.

According to psychology today, you can start by buying a journal. The journal will be your self-gratitude journal. You would hold yourself accountable to writing in this journal at the end of each day.

In this journal, you can write down at least three things that you did to make progress towards your goals or how you helped someone. Then at the end of each week take the time to read your past entries. See how much effort you have placed fourth. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You got this in the bag.

Discover what are the emotions underneath your guilt.

Guilt can sometimes mask other feelings. If your friend, family member or spouse has narcissistic traits they may convince you that you are being selfish by setting limits. You aren’t selfish for looking out for your mental health. Do not ever let someone lie for you to prioritize their needs before your own.

Set your limits and decide how much is too much.

We all should have a tolerance level for how much we can take. If someone is draining, you of your energy then you need to speak on it. Speak loudly even if your voice shakes. Know that you can not run yourself in the ground trying to fill someone else from your already empty cup. Realize your own needs and go after your peace.

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