Just like countless other millennials, I share my life on social media. I am also one who many who label their best friend in their head. I enjoy being transparent with my life while still making others laugh. 

Even though I have never been on a plane or have taken a vacation out of the state or country there are folks that find me and my life to be intriguing. I realized this from the hundreds of people who watch my Instagram stories each day that I post.

Earlier this week, I was having a conversation with one of my curl friends who told me that there are people who are living through me. 

I was appalled and yet flattered. Our conversation went silent on my end for a few seconds that seemed like minutes to her. I slipped out of my thoughts and told her that I’m really not doing the damn thing like that. 

Yes, that was my response. 

I don’t ever want it to sound like I’m downplaying myself to anyone. I just do not live beyond my means or live a spontaneous lifestyle. She then said that I should embrace the fact that others live vicariously through me on social media. To her, it’s a cool thing when you have a growing amount of people’s undivided attention.

Maybe. Just maybe she had a valid point.
Then again who am I?

The thought of people living vicariously through me makes me a bit tense. For real. All I can do is continue to live my life for Christ. I’m a black millennial married woman who's a stay at home mom. 

When I cut on my camera to record I become an influencer. I have a balance with my platforms. I share enough of my life, but not all my business. I’m grateful for the audience and loyal support system that is still being formed as you read this from YouTube. 

Three years ago, I placed my passion for writing and inspiring into this blog. There’s no doubt in my heart that I placed on this Earth to change lives for the better.

Here goes more truth.

Everyone wants to be seen in one way or another on social media. It’s all about how much one is willing to put out there to the word. When you have people who love you and your personality you keep them craving for more. You give your followers a taste of your world. How much? Well, that’s up to who you ask. 

I accept that people are curious about me and my life. After all, I know that without social media platforms I would not be a growing brand and blogger. 

I always encourage people to never lose themselves in the pursuit of being transparent with their lives on social media. People will always have to have a feel for your personality before they trust you enough to support you. 

There just might be someone who is living through you on social media. Don’t be afraid to post your failures just because someone might be watching. You just never know who you are inspiring.

Want to talk? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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