Giving into your cravings, all the time is not the answer.

It is best to try to develop more mindful eating habits. It’s tough to not give in into something you have been craving. In some situations, it feels good to indulge in comfort foods even if you don't have emotional eating or binge eating disorder.
However, indulging on many of our favorite comfort foods only gives us a temporary feeling of contentment. There’s a psychology behind of certain foods and their triggers. Can eating your feelings away can come from sparked triggers?
Did you know that food can stir your senses and elicit both memories and feelings?
Cookies. Chili Cheese Fries. Grandma's home-cooked comfort foods. The smell of popcorn being popped to perfection. A slice of a cake that looks too good to eat. Or even the sweet and salty combination that chocolate dipped pretzels that some people crave.
Now, what does it mean when you eat your feelings?
It means you associate your feelings, emotions, and memories with food. For some people, the only way to get rid of those thoughts and feelings is to eat. Eat and crave. Crave and eat.

It also means there is something that you are not comfortable enough to face head-on. Whatever it is that you are running away from is intolerable and deep inside you. Food can be used to annihilate anything you from the truth.

Here are 5 common situations that trigger emotional or binge eating. 
Your uncomfortable with where you are at in life.
In this world, many people use social media as a way to live through other people. These people could be strangers, celebrities, and even friends. When you are uncomfortable with where you are in life you can use food as a way to bring you comfort. 

Food won’t bring you success. Food won’t bring you a loving spouse. Food won’t bring you the body or lifestyle that you desire to have. Live your life without comparison.
You Desire Emotional Comfort
Many comfort foods are packed with calories, fat, sugars, carbs… and nostalgia. The sweet and salty snacks can bring on courier opioid-like substances in the brain which leads to a temporary feel-good high like heroin.
You’re Anxious
When you are anxious you want to escape from the emotion or situation in a quick matter. To ‘escape’ from awareness of these thoughts and feelings, attention can cause one to binge eat. It is best to find a few ways to cope with your anxiety instead of using food.
You’re bored.
When boredom strike, strike back with a plan. Boredom is an emotion and not a signal from your body that it needs nutrients or energy. Value your time in ways that do not include you eating.
You’re depressed.
There may be a certain situation or area of your life that brings you into depression. You may be fighting your depression with food. Your battle with underlying depression is one that you should not fight alone. Seek help with a trusted therapist near or in your area. You do not have to use food to cope with your depression.
Moment of truth.

Take a moment to reflect. What does it mean to you whenever you eat your feelings? You can type this question and answer this question in a safe place. Take out a notebook, or create a journal entry on your phone, or in a blank computer document

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