Motherhood will test your gangster real quick!  When you are a mother, you learn how to have a high tolerance for dealing with your child or children. You learn how to decipher through the highs and the lows of your day. You learn how to be gentle, caring, and thoughtful with your intentions.

Being a stay at home mom who's also a full-time online college student I have to stay on top of my daily activities. There are no pity parties at my home. I have to wear many hats with skill. No matter how I may feel there are no days off. I am now been balancing college courses and motherhood for a month.

I have had a few moments of stress and feeling discouraged a few times while starting college. I have now learned what it takes to have a balance with motherhood as a stay at home mom whose steadily chasing her dreams too. In this blog post, I am going to give you 3 considerations to make if you are a stay at home mom whose desiring to go back to college.

Having a deep conversation with your spouse weekly

You can not be a one-woman army while in college as a stay at home mom. You will need help from your spouse in many ways. Exams, quizzes, reading chapters and taking notes will all require you to have some quiet and necessary time away from your child or children. 

There will be days that you will need to lock yourself away from your family to study in peace. Brace yourself for it. For many, stay-at-home moms their spouse is the only reliable person they can count on to help them. 

Having a deep conversation with your spouse can open an even stronger line of communication between both of you. You’re going to school to not just better yourself but your family as well. It takes a weekly team effort to achieve everything you have planned. 

Keep a planner & a dry erase board 

I have always been a plan in advance type of girl. Now that I am a college student with a busy roaming toddler,  it is even more crucial that I write down any and everything that I can. Sometimes you may find it easier to keep everything on a dry erase board than a physical planner. When using a physical planner you can go to town with decorating it with stickers, washi tape, and add in pages.

You just will need to find what better suits you and your lifestyle. Dry-erase boards come in an array of different sizes and styles just like planners. However, you can place your dry erase board on any wall in your home easily. 

Here’s my dry erase board that I use:

Understand and value your own tolerance level 

If you are someone who can become easily overwhelmed with life then know your tolerance level. Understand and value how much you can take between being a mother, spouse, getting an education, and relationships with your family and friends.

Try not to overwork yourself and your brain to learn and complete assignments while you are upset. Give yourself grace. You will make it through on top! You have what it takes to be successful. Being a stay-at-home mom does not define you or limits you from accomplishing your dreams. 

Let me know if these tips help. I am here to talk to you as always. Much love from us to you too!

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