If you’re not on any of the popular social media apps, then many people would raise an eyebrow. However, it is not always a bad thing to not be in the constant ring of gaining likes, followers, and attention from strangers 95% of the time.

Going on social media can help many people out mentally more than they think. Here’s the thing. We are what we consume. No matter if what we consume, whether it is physically, mentally, or even emotionally, we are consuming something.

Let’s now tie in social media and all the information that we consume—hilarious, devastating, exciting, scandalous, personal, and enticing—that we do in scrolling our feeds or even from lurking on social media. It can become overwhelming to even get a peaceful night's sleep from keeping up with many people and their lives on your feeds. Here are the ways social media is probably causing you anxiety.

Comparing your single life or current love life

We can see, piece together IG or Facebook stories and photos of who’s messing with who’s, who’s engaged, or married. We can even see who has a baby or children. When you compare your current single or love life to someone else, it can place you under all sorts of anxiety. Comparing your relationship status to the next person does not prove anything to anyone, neither yourself. You are still worthy of a deep, patient, and undeniable love.

Comparing your career life.

It can be easy for some people to compare their career process to some else. Seeing who made it through what college/university program can make someone feel like they have not achieved enough. Or someone can feel as if they aren’t making enough money in their current career because they admire someone on social media who works in the same career and lives a more lavish lifestyle than theirs. No matter what it can or could be when comparing “your” career life to someone else on social media, just know that the grass is not always greener on their end.

Seeing so many fundraisers.

Being a humanitarian can be hard out here, especially on those social media streets. Countless causes need your money. Social media is a place to get people involved in making charitable donations to many relief funds. Just do not go broke trying to give your last every time you see an opportunity to help.

The shade throwers.

Welp, the shade throwers can throw slangs all day on Twitter and expect you to catch it. They can tell you how they really feel about you without any hesitation from memes too. Be mindful that many shade throwers will cast out shade but will not own up to it. Don’t let it bother you. They want to get you bothered, so be stronger than that.

Targeting Ads

Facebook ads are very suspect these days! Let’s say you just made an online purchase at Sephora, Walmart, or JC Penny’s. Then you hit up Facebook, and you start seeing all sorts of ads from a company you just had made a purchase from. It happens far too often.

Stranger’s follow your IG stories, but not your page physically

This use to always bother me. I now embrace it on my Instagram stories and sometimes even tell them, “Hi.” Seeing brands or even strangers watching your IG stories that do not follow, you can spark anxiety. They’re people who do not want to follow your profile but keep up with you via your IG stories daily. The funny part about it is that they know you see them. So, I suggest going check out their profiles and IG stories back.

Life events that are card warranting

Are you going to spend some cash? This is a question that you may ask yourself after seeing a close friend, family member, or even co-worker get engaged, have a baby, or even celebrate an anniversary. You may feel indifferent about buying something for them as a gift.

Not feeling as if you get out enough (Travel babes)

Do not feel guilty if you are a homebody. It’s okay. Seeing so many travel babes on social media can leave you feeling as if you aren’t experiencing or going to enough places. Stack your money. Continue to do your research and book your travel experience whenever you are truly ready.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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