When you take care of your inner it shows on the outside. When you pamper yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually you glow becomes more radiant. Whenever some people talk about “glowing” they can refer to your highlighter, smile, or even pregnancy. You also glow when you drop toxic people out of your life. 

You glow when you spiritually feel lighter from not carrying so many burdens. You also glow when you choose to love yourself past the trials and tribulations that you have been through. You can also refer to this blog post about setting boundaries here. In this blog post, I will give you great tips on how to glow from within by doing a few simple things.

(Disclaimer: The time varies from one queen to another with their glow period.)

  • ·       Sleep in peace put on some white noise. Go to bed earlier than usual.
  • ·       Eat better and cleaner.
  • ·       Take more time off social media it could be a few hours less each day or week.
  • ·       Drink more water and natural teas.
  • ·       Give yourself a foot massage or go get a pedicure.
  • ·       Leave your ex alone.
  • ·       Read more books.
  • ·       Speak over yourself each day with affirmations.
  • ·       Create a gratitude journal and use it daily.
  • ·       Go for a brisk walk/exercise
  • ·       Run a warm bath with your favorite bubble bath and use a sugar scrub
  • ·       Take it easy and stop being so hard on yourself
  • ·       Mist your clothes with your favorite body mist or perfume every morning
  • ·       Stop taking everything so damn personal
  • ·       Purchase a face mask that will give you glowing skin
  • ·       Get your teeth whiten at a dentist office or purchase a whitening kit
  • ·       Be present.
  • ·       Dance around your room or home to your favorite music
  • ·       Deepen your relationship with Christ with prayer
  • ·       Keep your personal business off of social media
  • ·       Don’t overindulge in sweets, but treat yourself accordingly
  • ·       Buy yourself flowers.
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.
I would love to know how you glow without any makeup.

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