During Christmas, the season of giving and receiving gifts, we may forget to practice thankfulness. We can become forgetful, procrastinate, and try to squeeze in time for ourselves as much as possible during the holiday season.

This year there are a few gifts that money just can not buy that I am looking forward to for Christmas.

The gifts of life (my health, vision, and strength)

I am looking forward to being able to see Christmas. I know that everyone knows that tomorrow is not promised to no one. I do not want to live my life on the edge and fear the unknown even though I was raised to not have (big or what seem to others as unrealistic) dreams. For Christmas this year, I would love to be in good health enough to be with my family.

The gifts of love, happiness, and joy

I am looking forward to being filled with love, happiness, and joy. Over the years, I learned to value love, happiness, and joy during the holiday time. Materialistic things do not bring temporary happiness to me. There’s nothing that can compare to experiencing good vibes during the holiday season.

The gift of laugher

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? I love having a good time filled with laughter with my husband and family. It’s good for the soul and helps you to rest better.

The gift of comfort

Comfort is not always free for some people. I find comfort in knowing that all my bills are paid, there’s food in my home, and that everyone in my home is at peace. There’s comfort in knowing that God will be making way for me. There is comfort in being able to place aside worry, and fear.

What are the priceless gifts that you are looking forward to this holiday season? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. The most important and main gift is emotions because this is exactly what you will remember and will remember after many years, because things are forgotten and there are no emotions.