It's no lie that many people will set all types of goals as they enter a new chapter of their lives and a new decade. The feeling of working toward a goal can feel exciting. The eager and willing to move forward can display growth in so many ways. 

However, there is also the period between setting the goal and achieving it that can bring many ups and downs in one's journey. The trials can cause discouragement, frustration, and even doubt. When one adds into their daily routine, the practice of gratitude. It can significantly help someone to overcome any hurdle and help to relieve some of the stress that comes with seeing their goals through.

Practicing gratitude allows you to focus on the present moment. I have also found that it helps and reminds you to be thankful for the things you currently have while working toward something better. Several studies show how practicing gratitude can improve your mood during times of adversity. 

Plus, it also helps to improve your outlook when working toward a goal. When practicing gratitude, it allows you to have a great way to shift your attention from the outcome. Therefore, you can be able to express appreciation for the here and now.

Here are a few great ways to work towards a goal:

Discover ways to express gratitude for the ability to pursue a goal outside of your daily norm.
Give yourself grace while being kind to yourself during the process.

It's key to remember that achieving goals takes time and patience. Remember to enjoy the journey. It's human nature to will learn several lessons along the way that can spark other ideas and ambitions.

A gratitude practice can allow you to recognize how far you have come when you reach a rough patch in your journey and highlight current things that you can be thankful for.

A few practical exercises you use to practice gratitude regularly include:

Writing down everything you are grateful for

I love doing this, so much that when I was shopping in my local Marshall's store, I found a gratitude box. (I was shocked too, so you know I had to buy it.) It was still left in the store just for me. As soon as I made it home, I took the notes out of it and wrote down what I am grateful for.

I find that physically writing down anything that I am grateful for daily is a great way to get in the habit of practicing gratitude. You can even journal daily in a physical notebook or app your appreciation.

Expressing Gratitude For Small Wins

Whenever you are working toward a goal, it can be easy to only see the big picture. There's a lot of talk about creating and daily staring at a self-made vision board, but let's are honest. Anyone can create a vision board. It's about placing the effort towards the goals that manifest the overall vision. Throughout the process of achieving your goals, you should celebrate small wins along the way as well. Every step that puts you closer to your end goal is one to be thankful for.

Set A Graditiude Alarm

Set aside a specific time of the day that you can use to pray, journal, meditate, or even just reflect on any and all things that you are grateful for. I know how hectic life can get. Sometimes we can lose sight of the good in our lives when so many bad things start happening. Don't allow the bad to cast a shadow on everything you should be grateful for.

Let me know if you found this blog post helpful. I would love to talk to you in the comment section below.

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