Chapter 27 Is Here! 27th Birthday Reflection

in , , by Linda B Hurd, January 30, 2020

Gratefulness flows through me. Peace is expelling from my heart. I am now 27. I have learned at 26 that I had a bad habit of pouring from an empty cup. I would oftentimes give more of my time to others in ways that left me depleted. 

I overthought my moves and questioned my effort toward accomplishing my goals. I learned how to gather myself and poured my deepest thoughts into journal pages and voice journal entries throughout the year.

If the day before was heavy, I was compelled to put in down and away with the right words. I spoke over myself and trusted in God’s word to lead me. Motherhood taught me that my patience will always be rewarded with joy and lessons well learned. My marriage taught me that I need to not feel bad for wanting alone time. 

Without that time alone, I can become frustrated and angry. You are deserving of a chance to have peace away from your family. If getting peace means closing a door in your home to reflect, nap, or pray, do it. If getting peace means getting dressed to go on a walk or to go to a bookstore alone, do it. 

Your desire for peace should not have to be explained. At 26, I went back to college and became a full-time online student. Some of the people who were the closest to me tried to place doubt on me. Going back to school at 26 was a goal that I wanted to accomplish as a stay at home, mom. I placed procrastination, fear, and slick opinions from others mentally on fire.

I am proud of how far I have come. No one can tell me that God doesn’t have favor over my life. No one can tell me that my purpose on this earth has gone in vain. Chapter 27 of my life will require another level of mine. I am willing to give this chapter all I have. There’s not anyone or anything standing in the way of my relationship with Christ, my joy, and my dreams. I’m taking this chapter of my life with grace and the willingness to blossom in due season.

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