Who doesn’t like a good night’s sleep? Studies have shown that the average person gets about 8 hours of sleep at night. That means that a person will sleep for 229,961 hours in their lifetime, or logically speaking, one-third of their life will be spent asleep

For countless people, dreams for them are magical and mysterious that often leave one waking to all sorts of emotions. It can also be difficult to recall what happened in your dream and what it could be trying to tell you. Thousands of interpretations are not obvious right away. Here’s what it could mean when you dream about someone who just can not seem to get out of your dreams.

1. You have been thinking a lot about the person.

You cannot deny this If you’ve been actively admiring someone on social media or in your everyday life. Your thoughts about them have made their way into your subconscious and manifest in your dreams. It could be that you like the person romantically, but they don’t feel the same, an old flame, or someone who you are very intrigued about. 

You also don’t even care for them, but you feel overshadowed or unappreciated by them on your job, in your day to day life, or on social media.

2. Someone is going to cause you emotional pain

If you are constantly dreaming about a person could be a warning that there is hurt looming ahead. The dream is also giving you a heads-up that you need to be more cautious around them. Your subconscious is also trying to get your attention to tell you that their motives aren’t truly pure. 

You still need to be guarded with your energy, time, and even emotions. It’s also best to not be too vulnerable, so you don’t get any exploitation by them.

3. You’re Having A Somewhat Tough Time Moving On

Whenever you are going through a break-up, it can leave you feeling uneasy, upset, and hurt. Sometimes your ex isn’t sure what they really want. They can’t choose between a life with you, someone else, or just single. 

The mind can start to wonder hard about the past relationship or marriage, and then suddenly, they began showing up in your dreams in all kinds of scenarios. Having a dream about someone can mean you’re still holding on to memories. It’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Healing is a journey that is not always beautiful. You’re also allowed to heal and let go at your own pace.

4. something is missing from your romantic life

Don’t let your steamy dreams about someone in a romantic situation cause you to lose focus. It is a sign that you desire some sort of romance in your life. You may yearn for more romance, affection, and time from your lover that you’re getting. 

Maybe your relationship is lacking in some respects, or you’re secretly nursing a desire to explore parts of yourself that have been pushed or aside or that your lover overlooks. Overall, it just means you shouldn’t be afraid to take chances and try something new for a change in your romantic life.

5. You're In Need Of Clouser Surrounding A Situation

Sometimes dreaming about someone can indicate a tension that has gone unresolved between the both of you. Do you feel like there could be brewing issues keeping or could keep you at odds with them? Are you seeking reconciliation to end the beef?

Maybe you are going through a rough patch at this time in your life, so your subconscious is showing you, people, you can find comfort. Could your pride be constantly getting in the way of causing you not to reach out to them? Sometimes all it takes is for you to be the bigger person and make the first move towards reconciliation.

6. You are afraid of being too vulnerable

Depending on your relationship with a person, whenever they’re showing up in your dream, especially in an intimate setting, could mean that you’re afraid of opening yourself up fully to love. You might be feeling jittery about your relationship or a bit detached. 

There’s something that you are not 100% comfortable with within your relationship. No matter what it is, it’s worth exploring further, so try digging deep into the dream and how it relates to your actual life.

7. You’re Curious About Life With Them

People indeed show up in our dreams because we’re contemplating or second-guessing the decisions we made. It also means that even though you might be happy with the way your life is currently, you can’t help being curious about how different it might have turned out. 

It’s possible that you’d be better off if you were with the person you’re dreaming about. However, one can’t know that for sure but dreaming about what could have been being leaving you in deep thought.

8. They Have You On Their Minds

Well, you knew this! Having a dream about someone could mean you’re in their thoughts or dreams. If you haven’t seen them in a while, there’s a good chance you might cross paths again soon. The person may have even been watching many of you on social media or have asked someone about you. It’s also possible to dream about someone you regularly see as that might be a sign that they’ve been thinking about you lately. 

It can be difficult to decipher if what they have are negative or positive thoughts about you. Be sure to pay attention to their words, actions, and body language. By paying them close attention, it can help shed light on their intentions with you. If you’re looking to connect to someone, you can try to spark up a conversation and even them about the dream to see what they have to say.

9. There’s A True Connection Between You Two

Dreaming about someone you like or care about is a strong indicator that you’ve created close bonds with them. They’ve settled deep into your life. This could be a friend, family member, co-worker, lover, and you’re comfortable having them there. It could be that you’ve fallen completely in love, or you feel a closeness with them that is rare and wonderful but in a non-romantic way. Just maybe your dream is trying to tell you to value and appreciate this person while they are still here.

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