You better work it, baby! When you step into the room, your presence commands attention. All eyes are on you! There you are just shopping for groceries, running a few errands around your area, or could even be out getting breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

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No matter what you are out doing in public, someone is always noticing something about you. I am going to give you seven of the best and simple ways to invest in your appearance. These ways are effective and will have you feeling and looking like that radiantly beautiful woman glowing with confidence.

1. Create a no-makeup makeup look that you can rock effortlessly!

The no-makeup makeup look is still popular within the beauty community in and off of social media. You can wear a light coating of foundation, mascara (or a nice set of lashes), fill in your brows, and rock a natural matte or glossy lip. 

The entire reason for getting down a no-makeup makeup look is to show off your natural features without looking too overly dramatic. However, if you already love doing a bold beat look weekly then you can for sure make a simple everyday look come together. 

2. Step up your water intake & purchase herbal teas.

Being obsessed with candy, carbs, dairy, and even alcohol can do a number on your skin. My skin used to be broken out severely from everything that I consumed weekly. I had to learn how to detox my body. I detox with teas and at least 64 oz of water a day. I ate better and wiser. If you aren’t upping your water & herbal tea intake soon, you will miss out on a special type of glow.

3. Teeth Cleanings & Esthetician Visits

If you do not have dental insurance, then you should consider investing in it. Getting your teeth cleaned twice a year can make you more confident about your smile. If you want to invest in getting dental work done, then booking an appointment with a dentist office you trust will be the best way to go towards your dental investments. 

Your skin deserves a pamper treatment too. Estheticians can help you better care for your skin with facial treatments. If you think that your skin is too far gone and you need to get to the source of your skin issues, it is also best that you book an appointment with a dermatologist to help you on your skincare journey.

4. Create Look-Book Ideas on Pinterest!

I used to struggle with pulling together the simplest of looks until I created a Pinterest account. I started searching for looks that fit my aura. For example, I would type in: Cute Everyday Clothing Looks, Stylish, and Professional work attire.

I even started looking for look-book ideas on YouTube! I started stepping up my look, and my husband was even shocked by the sexy and sophisticated looks I created. If you need a little inspiration, Pinterest and YouTube are your friends for look-book ides.

5. Practice Daily Hygiene & Master it

Keep up with brushing, flossing, bathing, showering, washing your clothes, and moisturizing your body. Before you step out the door of your home, be sure to have washed your face, applied some lip balm and deodorant. 

I understand how caught up some of us can get with the trails that life can bring our way. No matter how life may try to knock you down, master your technique of never allowing your hygiene to take the back seat.

6. Purchase new clothes & shoes when you can

I started allowing myself to buy new clothes every time I got paid. I started going to thrift stores in search of clothing that I can add to my wardrobe. I even stop in Wal-Mart & Target and rack up on basic t-shirts, socks, undies, and pants. 

Don’t be so tough on yourself when it comes to treating yourself to new clothes. You deserve to have something new on your back when you can afford to make the investment towards your appearance.

7. Press on Nails, Paint them yourself, Or Trips To The Nail Shop

Freshly painted manicured nails and toes are key to a nice and clean appearance. You can always find deals on nail polishes at local drug stores and beauty supply stores without spending a load of money. Invest in press-on nails by the packages if you like them pre-done so you can glue them on and be cute. 

If you rather head out to a local nail shop, be sure to do your search on Google reviews first. Choosing to go to the nail shop may save you time; however, it is committed to going at least every two weeks to keep up with your mani and or pedicure.

If you have found any of these tips helpful, let me know in the comment box below. What are some of your simple and favorite ways to invest in your appearance?

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