There’s no one who wants to be walked all over and taken for granted. I once was a young woman who allowed people to talk to me in any type of way. I thought that since I grew up taking everyone’s negative energy towards me that I could handle it. 

So, I prolonged being a verbal punching bag to others. I took unnecessary verbal treatment on jobs, from strangers on the internet, and in friendships. I learned that just because I possed a high tolerance for other’s bull it did not mean that I should stand for it. I am now better and have created 10 traits to check yourself for if you feel like someone or people have been walking all over you.

You don’t set boundaries.

If you don’t set the tone for how you want to be respected, then no one will. Setting boundaries is such a crucial part of maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and others. If you allow someone to curse you out and call you all sorts of hurtful names then, they will continue to do it. 

If you allow a guy to sleep with you just for fun with no strings attached, then chances are he’ll keep doing it. You shouldn’t look for love in men who take no interest in learning the many layers of you. It’s so easy to be taken for granted when you don’t set and stand by boundaries.

You’re a people pleaser

When you love being able to keep people happy without any hesitation you end up becoming a people pleaser. For example, if there’s an outfit that you rather wear, and you end up not wearing it last minute because your friends or family don’t like it. 

I remember that I became a people pleaser at one point in my life while working in retail. Every time one of my co-workers wanted a certain day off or a weekend, I ended up being the person giving in and working their shift. The crazy part about it is you do not reap good anything from being a people pleaser. You are left depleted from being a people pleaser.

You’re afraid of ended up alone.

You don’t want to make anyone feel unwanted. You don’t want to upset anyone from being honest with how you truly feel. It may sound as if you treading lightly on thin ice, right? The thing is, that fear is what’s holding you back. 

You might create scenarios in your mind of arguments that never happened with people in your life that it leaves you so afraid of being alone. There are ways of getting your point across without blowing up on anyone. It may be tough if you have so much frustration bottled up, but you can do it!

You just can’t say no & feel good about it.

Girl, shake off those thoughts that are sabotaging your happiness. If it makes you uncomfortable, you have better things to do, or if you just see through the entire situation; just say no. If you aren’t down for constantly lending your money, time, effort, or place to stay; just say no. Stand firm on your truth.

You’re the one always giving

You’re the woman who’s always pouring into people and not having enough time left to pour back into yourself. Whenever someone needs to talk you drop everything to hear them out. You’re the one who goes the extra mile for family members or friends who need a handout. You do everything out of love because you know how it feels to go without. It’s a beautiful thing to be a giver just give wisely without overexerting yourself.

You’re very empathic

People love to text or call you with their sob stories in hopes they get something out of you. You are incredibly empathic and to some people, they use your kindness as a tool to have you variable. It can be easy for you to mentally place yourself into someone else’s shoe forces you to make decisions on their behalf instead of for yourself. 

Being empathic is a great quality, but it can make things challenging at times. The more you worry about how someone might react to your words or actions, the less likely you are to speak up even if your voice shakes.

You’re constantly settling for less.

Let’s just put it out there now. Your standers can rise, and you know this. You expect the bare minimum out of people. This can be one of the reasons why you’re constantly surrounded by people who always downing other’s success and are always complaining about their life. If you want people in your life that uplift, you and motivate you to go harder then you must break away from those who aren’t. 

When you settle for people who rather see you struggling or not accomplishing your goals then that’s what you will attract. Stop settling for less in all areas and with the people in your life. You deserve better.

You overshare your personal business

When people know too much about your personal business then they can easily smack a label on you. It’s okay to have a conversation with your co-workers just don’t overshare your life because you feel vulnerable. 

It’s okay to have a conversation with your spouse’s mother or mother in law just do not share too much. It’s okay to keep some mystery about yourself. People do not need to know everything about you and how you choose to live your life.

You’re always openly procrastinate

You speak your mind out loud and it falls on the wrong ears. For example, you tell someone, “I’m just going to go home about watch Netflix for a little while instead of cleaning up.” They may suggest that you go out with them shopping, to eat, or stop by their house for a little while instead. As a result, you end up not going home, not cleaning up, and wondering if you should decline their offer. After all, you didn’t have anything better to do right?

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