I had to go so bad that I knew if I stood in the checkout line for anything over three minutes that I was going to urinate all over the Target tile floors. I reassured myself before leaving home that wearing a pad was the best thing to do because my period symptoms have been raging. I politely told my mother-in-law to keep a close eye on my son before powerwalking to the ladies' restroom with my pocketbook on my shoulder. 

Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

Ladies know how relieving it feels to go to the restroom after feeling your bladder throbbing. This particular trip to the lady's room was special. I left a pad and a pack of vaginal wipes for the next women or young lady that needed them. I freshen myself up before washing my hands and sharing a smile while in the mirror with another woman who rushed into the same stall I had just previously used.

I made my way back to my mother-in-law and son who were still on the same aisle I left them on. We did a little bit more shopping before heading to checkout.

“Hey!” The same woman called out as she walked up to me three young children all around the age of ten.

“Hey, there!” I said and smiled.

“Thank you for the tokens you left in the lady’s room. I left mines at home while trying to get these guys here situation. Girl, you’re heaven sent!” She said reaching out to give me a hug.

No one knew what we were talking about and that was the beauty of my gesture from us even having the conversation. I told her she was welcome as we departed ways. I now want to share with you thirteen unspoken rules of using the ladies' room while out in public.

Photo by Ingo Hamm on Unsplash

1. Flush the toilet and wipe up behind yourself (especially if there were no seat-covers and always double-check behind yourself before leaving.

2. Let the pregnant lady goes first.

3. Don’t mind teens and women taking selfies or making tik-toks in the mirrors. Let them be and don’t photobomb on purpose.

4. Make sure to pick up paper towels if you drop them on the floor.

5. After washing your hands, if used paper towels use the same paper towel you use to dry your hands and wipe around the sink and the faucet. (there are some restrooms with automatic hand dryers.)

6. Do not use washrooms to take a break from your date. If you could just leave the restaurant without hesitation.

7. Do not stare at another woman while she does her makeup in the mirror. Even a confident woman may ask you about why you’re staring her down.

8. Do not leave your soiled period napkins/tampons anywhere in sight after using a stall. If you can wrap them with toilet paper well before disposing of them.

9. If there’s no toilet paper or if the flush is broken in the stall you just used, and someone is coming use the same stall let them know.

10. Do not overly spray perfume or body mists after using the stall because it can flare someone’s allegories and makes you look insecure.

11. Be careful with flushing sanitary items down the toilet and just don’t do it.

12. Only use handicapped stall if it is the only one available or you are handicapped. You can also bring your young child into the handicapped stall if necessary.

13. If you have an extra sanitary pad, tampon, or personal wipes, give it to anyone who is in need and feel free to ask if you need it.

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