It is possible! Gaining inner peace during such a turbulent time is essential to our mental health. It might seem as if there are so many people that you may follow or watch on social media who have it all together, and you're the only one struggling. I've felt the same way but chose to recharge and re-evaluate my thoughts and daily practices. I value being able to be at peace in my life, both mentally and physically. 

Easter Sunday 2020

Instead of stunning for the 'Gram and Facebook, I'm working on getting myself together. I'm focused on achieving my goals, congratulating others, and not comparing. Comparing is what many people are discovering the time to do these days more than they have ever. People are looking to see who's making what numbers on social media, whose getting brand deals, and even who's messing with or getting engaged to who.

It's mentally exhausting to think about! If I stayed caught up with everyone and what their friends were doing, I don't know what my mental state would be. All I know is that I'm moving at a pace that feels good to me. I'm happy, and my happiness is infectious, and it radiates. People are craving my energy virtually. 

Even if no one was checking for me, I would still be the same joyous person that I am today. I have a lot to be thankful for and God is still blessing and healing His people. During the time we are in now, it's important to stop comparing your life and growth to others. I'm over here taking care of my mental and physical health as best as I can. Just a few weeks ago, my husband, around the time of my husband's 31st birthday, became ill.

He had a high fever and many symptoms associated with COVID-19. I only shared this information with a few close people in our lives, and he did the same. I strived to take care of my husband, our son, our household, my college work, and myself for about three weeks. I did not make it known on any of my social media accounts publicly what was going on in our home.

I kept it under wraps and with my faith steady in God. There were nights I would watch my husband be afraid to fall asleep because of the state of his health. It took patience, prayer, a balanced diet, unconditional love, herbal teas, and, most importantly, faith in God that everything was going to be alright. My husband has recovered. He's doing much better and is back to work. While he was recovering, we prayed for everyone that also needed prayer, and as a couple is still praying for those who need prayer.

We never know what people are fighting within their spiritual and personal lives. We don't know how well some people are keeping on a good game face while mentally feel destroyed on the inside. Be kind and gentle with your words. 

It's okay to cry! You will make it through this tough and chaotic time stronger than you were before. God's grace is covering you and your loved ones. God doesn't want you to live in fear, uncertainty, or in a comparison trap. Here's a bible verse for you to hold on to. 

"For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee."

 Isiah 41:13 

Just remember; a smile can hide so much, but God's grace can cover and heal all!

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