There are times that you want to journal but can not find the words to write out on paper or to type out onto a blank document. It can feel frustrating because there’s a strong desire to want to journal and document your day, but there’s sometimes getting in your way. That something can be the thought of the physical act of journaling. However, audio journaling can help you speak your thoughts without feeling limited to the physical act of writing or typing easily. I have successfully been keeping an audio journal on my phone for over 2 years. I now want to share with you how audio journaling can help you get more into the groove of journaling without compromising your time or urge to recap your day or week.

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Who is audio journaling for?

Anyone! Yes, kids of all ages can freely audio journal their day from their tablet, iPad, computer, or parents' phone freely. If you’re not a writer that’s cool! Audio journaling can make fit for anyone who just loves to feel like their venting to someone who’s listening without interrupting them. If you are a mom with a busy schedule audio journaling is perfect for you too. Adults are young and super grown and sexy can audio journal! There’s no discrimination in the audio journal game, boo!

It’s simple!

If you are someone who is a tad bit shy or have anxiety when speaking to large crowds, for in-class presentations or while on your job audio journaling can help strengthen your voice. You can find your inner voice with audio journaling without compromising too much of your time each day that you choose to commit to doing it.

Do you want to start audio journaling, yet?

You will become a more confident speaker and storyteller.

You will become more aware of how you process your emotions and feelings.

You will have a better outlook on how you speak to yourself and about yourself to yourself.

You are able to keep a mental note of how you processed your issues verbally.

You learn to take better control of your priorities and your intentions with people and getting things done in your life.

What I have learned from audio journaling for over 2 years:

An audio journal is a solid form of journaling that can be easy to keep as we go more into the digital age of technology. Audio journaling should not replace physical journaling, however, it should be a great option for anyone who wants to have another type of journal. Talking to myself is great! I do not feel crazy and I feel at peace knowing that my future self can replay voice messages that I once made.

Final Thoughts

Audio journaling can help us to teach ourselves every day to become better learners, listeners, and become better in tune with our intuition. As a writer, keeping an audio journal comes in handy because it helps me to have a better insight into who I am in relation to my writing voice. Being able to reflect on how I viewed different situations, people, and goals in my life have also helped me to gain more clarity on my thought process. Getting into the overall writing process does not have to be a daunting task either. Although I am someone who is obsessed with purchasing new journals for physical journaling. I still believe that keeping an audio journal will always be another great an effective way of processing your thoughts as you go through your life. I hope I have encouraged you to get started. Open up a voice recording setting on your phone, iPad, Android tablet, or even your computer and get started today. I only voice journal for 10 minutes each day that I can use The Journey App on my iPhone. 

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