Hurricane Zeta Didn't Stop Us From Being Grateful

in , by Linda B Hurd, October 31, 2020

We made it through Hurricane Zeta! On Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 my husband, Eli, and I rode out our first Hurricane. Baby, Zeta did not touch down when she made landfall to pass us by. Zeta came and brought strong hurricane winds up to 80mph and sheets of rippling rain that didn’t cause any flooding. 

The wind damage was serious across Jefferson Parish and in New Orleans. We went without power for only 24 hours. I gave Eli a bath in the remaining warm water we had the morning of his birthday on the 29th. Bruce and I had both taken cold showers and checked in on our family and friends. It’s a blessing that we made it through the storm. 

Things could have been much worse. Life is so unpredictable that sometimes just adjusting quickly to rapid changes can cause some people to complain. Instead of being in a bad or unsettled mood, both my husband and I entertained our son and kept an optimistic outlook even in the midst of the hurricane. 

We didn’t have lights or warm water on the day of our son’s birthday. We still wanted to put a smile on his face and get him a cake to go along with his gifts. I know money has been tight as we approach the holiday season. After 7 hurricanes that approach southeast Louisiana and making sure we were properly prepared, we slacked off for Zeta like many others. 

Overall, my husband and I wanted Eli to still enjoy his 3rd birthday under the circumstances we were under. I learned three things from Hurricane Zeta are being physically prepared for something that doesn’t make you mentally prepared. Having a sense of humor during a storm can make time go by faster, and continue to practice gratitude every God-given day of your life; it pays off. 

    Today being Halloween, as you read this, Bruce and I took Eli to Mardi Gras World. While at Mardi Gras World, we went to see the Nolaween experience. Let me tell you that it was amazing! We all loved the colorful and bold d├ęcor and floats! 

Eli was mesmerized by it all as well. Everything was spaced out, and social distancing was in full effect as well. Just being at Mardi Gras World today, I felt so inspired by the creativity surrounding me.

I thought about the attention to detail that went into each statue, float, and just any art around us. I appreciate being able to experience the creativity and captivating art around us. This Halloween was special, and I have learned so much in October as well.

A few things to note that I learned this month of October 2020!

1.    Morning pages make you feel mentally lighter.

2.    Checking in with your family even when yall may not be on good terms won’t hurt you mentally.

3.    Getting on your knees to pray hits differently.

4.    Plan out your meals for the week before hitting the grocery store keeps you within budget.

5.    Buy your tree, and don’t feel bad about the eye stares and laughs.

6. Purchase any physical book you want because it's a mental treat to yourself.

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