I have been a stay-at-home mom since my first child was born in 2017. No woman in my immediate life gave me any solid advice on how to save money as a stay-at-home mom. In fact, many of the women in my life could not relate to not having a job and being home for a long stretch of time to take care of their child or children.

I was 24 years of age when I found out I was pregnant and working six days a week as a bank teller. Even back then, I knew that I had semi-okay money management skills, but the tables turned once I had given birth to my first child. My husband was and has always been a provider. I felt a sudden loss of independence when I turned in my two weeks’ notice of resigning from my job position. I still wanted to contribute to our union and family financially. I knew that my wants mattered and how I viewed my side hustle income had to change.

Here are a few great ways I started spending more wisely and saving money as a stay-at-home mom.

Set a Budget

 If you are living without a budget, girl, you can easily overspend online and in-store. A budget gives every dollar a place to go (personal care, savings, groceries, etc.) and puts you in complete control over your money. Find some time to sit down and write out your monthly expenses. You would sometimes be surprised how much money you are spending on certain areas of your life and see where you can cut back or adjust. It’s also great to share your budget with your spouse as well.

Live within your means

If you are a mama who knows she has a spending habit, just be mindful of your reason to justify your spending. There is no need to keep up with other women, whether they are a mama or not. What other women spend money on should not easily sway you to do the same. Stay within your budget and treat yourself every now and again within your own means and not for others' praise or glorification.

Use Cash

Did you know that there have been studies conducted throughout the years that show that people who pay with cash spend less than those who use a card? There is something about just pulling out some cash to pay for a purchase that makes a bigger impression than just swiping a card.

 Here’s how it works once you’ve set a budget, then you can add up how much you need to withdraw from your bank account and separate it up into money envelopes. Then once it’s gone, it’s gone with no guilt. 

Using this method, you do not have to feel compelled to pull out your debit or credit cards and only bring the allotted amount of cash into the store with you. When you bring your child or children shopping, this will also help you not overspend, especially when they may want something or see something that catches your eye. This will guarantee that you stay within your budget.

By mindfully when grocery shopping

Set a goal of meals and snacks that you will have for yourself and your family for the week. Also included drinks if you care to. To me, mindful grocery shopping means making purchases on food items that I am and my family will enjoy enough to not feel compelled to order from a food delivery service app for fast food just for the convenience. If you can make it at home to eat and enjoy, then go for it. Meal plan!

Thrift for some good finds

Even if you are a currently expecting mother like myself, and you just want a few comfortable pieces to wear during your pregnancy without spending hundreds of dollars or if you just want to online thrift for some name brand treasures, try ThredUp

Invest in doing your own maintenance from time to time

When I mention maintenance I am talking about doing your own manicures or even pedicures if you feel confident enough to do a good job on yourself. If you can save a little money on your own appearance like styling your hair, at-home teeth whitening in between dental cleanings, and even just a spa night when you have your child or children settled into bed, go for it because you deserve it.

I hope you have found my six tips helpful! I know how hard it can be as a stay-at-home mom who still wants her own financial independence. Believe me, it is possible! Feel free to share your journey or even tips in the comment box!

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  1. Great blog post sis! The tips were very helpful and I will put them to use! 💕

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, sis! I'm always glad to be a help.