It does not take running through a couple of hundred dollar bills to set the standard of luxury. According to Merriam-Webster One of the three definitions of luxury can be defined as an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease.


Aligning luxury with material wealth is not always valid because luxury is a mindset. You must know that you are worthy of a luxury mindset even when you may not experience it in your everyday life. So, what can luxury look like? 

Well, for many women, it is being able to get their teeth cleaned and whiten professionally, a comforting soak in a bathtub, and even getting a facial. Being able to activate your luxury mindset does not take convincing it takes receiving and enjoying.

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Investing in Your Mental Health

One of the best ways to invest in your mental health is to read books that will help you obtain a higher self-worth value. One of my current favorite books that I have been reading and taking notes on is What You Think of Me Is None of My Business. The book has been a blessing for me to read since departing from therapy. Finding a therapist is also a great way you can invest in your mental health as well.

Spending less time on social media is also a great way to invest in your mental health. Indulging in your life of luxury does not have to record for others to see. Normalizing luxury is an inside job that can be as personal as you allow it to be.

Stepping Up Your Body Care Routine

Whew! A real nice shower or even bubble bath can relieve so much tension within your body. After using your soap or shower gel of choice, follow up with a body scrub to exfoliate will leave you with soft, moisturized, and hydrated skin. One of my all-time favorite body scrubs is the Shea Moisture 100 Percent Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Creme Sugar Scrub

I am also a lover of body oils, and one of my favorites that I swear by is Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil for luminous glowy skin! Of course, drink over a liter or more water a day because that will help a lot too with your glow.

Pajamas and Robes

Heading off to bed can still bring you so much comfort and relief, especially in a nice pair of matching pajamas or even a soft robe. I started spending money on matching pajama sets and robes in late 2019, and I refuse to not have a few cute and comfy options in my closet. One of my favorite floral robes you can find here makes me feel so light and sexy when I put it on as if it were lingerie!

Treating Yourself

I am a mom, and I have spent many trips while shopping for my children, husband, and household and placing myself on the back burner. I have learned how to stop forgetting about myself and find balance with my spending. You also deserve to treat yourself too! A treat to yourself can be whatever you want it to be, and do not feel guilty about it!


Eat & Purchase Better Foods

There are so many food subscription services out here to try that offer various meals to cook and try in the comfort of your home to try. Be mindful of what you are buying while grocery shopping. I started buying more organic snack options instead of the overly-commercialized snacks for not just myself but also for my family. 

Then even discovering a place to eat out that has food that’s not your average fast food or comfort meal. Go out when you and where you can to eat at a restaurant that you can budget to save dine at and enjoy yourself when you get there.

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