I opened about this very topic on my personal Instagram page in my IG stories. If you would like to follow me over there, then here is the link to direct you. I did not want to go on into a rant about my life as a lonely stay-at-home mom and wife who's also pregnant during this time. I just wanted to open up with my followers and viewers who may not have known that creating genuine “real life” connections with other women is something that I crave. 

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In fact, just opening up about the thought of wanting to have authentic grown woman friendships opened the door to many other women reaching out to me in my DM’s feeling the same way. I would love to have physical friendships with a few ambitious women who also have dreams, goals, and action plans. I know that I will create lifelong and meaningful friendships with a few amazing women in the future. 

I choose not to stress about the friendships that I have yet to establish and to just continue to network, manifest and pray for the right people to come into my life. I’m eager to go to brunch dates, have girl talks on FaceTime, and even celebrate one another’s goals and achievements. 

I am just continuing to be patient and open for what’s to come and what I will learn from it in my future. My husband also told me that he’s excited to see me with experience blossoming friendships in the future as well. 

As a mom, I choose not to ever feel guilty for desiring a life outside of my home and family. I am also more mindful of the qualities that I seek in a friend because, whew, many of my past friendships have ended in shambles. After all, we were never on the same accord. Now that I know better, I apply myself better. 

Just because you have a connection with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to take down their number to keep them saved in your phone. I am not forcing any connections with people nor friendships because we may have a few things in common. It has to be mutual with respect and understanding to match. 

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