What I Learned In May 2021

in , , by Linda B Hurd, May 31, 2021

May was a fascinating and productive month for me. This month forced me to re-evaluate my life, short term goals, and how I talk to myself about myself.

At the same time, I witness my husband take a leap of faith towards becoming a full-time entrepreneur.  I was so proud of him and for him that he stepped out on faith and went for his dream this month. Seeing him do his thing inspired me even more, to step up my productivity and faith in my goals.

In other words, just seeing how much lighter and happier my husband is has been a positive change in our household and marriage. I  learned how to not be so critical of myself and my personality and to just put myself out there even more. I started creating reels on Instagram and have engaged and grown my followers by the hundreds in a matter of weeks. 

Also, on this blog, we reached over 15k readers, and I was mind blown seeing that. After owning this blog for over 5 years this month was the very first time I have targeted that many readers. I also had a little celebration for reaching the accomplishment and will take the momentum higher.

May is about to be done with! Whew! This month went by super quickly. It’s a blessing that this month went by so quick because it was filled with so many daily and weekly lessons plus many blessings. I learned more about myself and my habits. I finished a few Audibles and enjoyed my time listening to them doing things such as writing, cleaning, and even helping my three-year-old son create artwork. 

This month has taught me to never lose sight of my short- and long-term goals. As a blogger, freelance writer, and YouTuber who is a wife and mom, I feel like I am not doing enough to bring in a nice income for myself and my family. Now that I am about to be a mother of two in just nine more weeks, I believe the remainder of this year will require more of me to step my game up. 

My productivity has increased this month, and so has my faith in my own capabilities. For June, I am excited to just experience more growth in all areas of my life. In June, I will be getting closer to my due date with my second pregnancy. I am embracing the new life that my husband and I will welcome into this world. Overall, I am eager to see what the month of June 2021 will bring!

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