What is the purpose of wearing a bra to feel just as sexy as you should feel naked?

I love to free my boobies after a long day, but I also love having a nice fitting bra on when I step out in public. I went to get my first professional bra fitting on my birthday. Spontaneously talk about adulting, and there's a silver lining! Inserts shimmy here. 

Getting a bra fitting was something that I wanted to know my actual bra size after all of these years of guessing and going with what fit. I now understand what my boobies can sit in and fit correctly. 

Getting a professional bra fitting is a key to finding the best bra fit for any woman. I decided to go to Soma's here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It took less than 10 minutes to get fitted. I was greeted and felt welcomed inside their store as soon as I made my way through their doors. The store was not busy, and there was even a sale. 

I was over putting off getting my boobies fitted, and there was a sale too. I couldn't pass up the deal. Yes, we love sales on quality items, my baby! Getting this bra fitting done was confidence-boosting. After breastfeeding my son for two years and my daughter for these past 5 months, my boobies deserve some special TLC. During my self-love and discovery journey, I will give myself all the love, attention, and compassion that I crave for myself. 

I learned during my boob fitting that I was not a 38 C cup. In fact, I am a 36 D. I was shocked. There's no more calling my breasts the "little titties that could" no more, baby. I am now labeling my boobies the golden girls. Yes, my baby! You read that right. 

I'm stepping into a level of myself that I want to know for sure who I am. There's no more talking down on myself for dry laughs anymore. I'm not going to play about me to any degree. 

I am now reassured with my new purchases for bras and intimate wear. The thought of desiring a boob lift isn't as necessary as I thought it would have been. I will be going back for another boob fitting once my daughter has successfully weaned herself from my boobies from nursing. 

Here's when should consider when getting a professional bra fitting:

If you've recently lost or gained weight, become pregnant, given birth, or started nursing.
If you feel any discomfort or pain while wearing your bras, if your bra size has changed, or if none of your bras currently fit. 
If you're experiencing any of the following with your current bras: breast tissue spilling out of the cups, cups gaping, wires popping out, breast tissue and underarm soreness while wearing the bra, straps falling off your shoulders, the bra riding up in the back, band feeling too tight or too loose, etc.


Even if you aren't currently experiencing any issues with your bras, getting a  professional bra fitting every 6 months to one year can be essential. The average life span is 3-6 months with bras. It's likely to need new everyday bras around that time anyway!

Either way, it goes, I'm still happy that I now don't have to make any impulse decisions on bras that won't fit properly. I used to have tight bras. Bras that would dig all in my shoulders as if my straps were mining in my skin for gold! Wait. I also had bras that were supposed to be push-up bras, but they gave my chest a smushed look. Yes, it was that bad, and don't get me started with the way my chest was often lopsided in my bras. 

Whew! A professional bra fitting made a massive difference with the back rolls too. I felt confident in the fitting room, trying on a few new wired bras. I also purchased two new bras to jump-start my new collection. If you haven't had a professional bra fitting done, try to find a place to get it done. You never know if you may end up surprised with some new intimate pieces to accentuate your silhouette! 

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