You are not alone if you are a mother who desperately needs a break from her child or children from time to time. There was a study that revealed mothers work on average 98 hours a week. 


You are not alone...because I kept finding myself wondering why I felt exhausted before 9pm.

You are not alone ...because I have felt smothered by motherhood from deeply immersing myself in my children.

You are not alone...because you may feel as if the majority of your day is devoted to motherhood and you struggle to find balance. 

The study found that women say they start caring for children, on average, around 6 a.m. each day, and clock off after 8 p.m. Do not forget to add in tantrums, nursing sessions, cleaning, diaper/pull-up changes, play dates, drop-offs, school forms and all that may squeeze in between. (And that's a 'good' day, of course—without tripping over your child's toys and slapping the floor or forgetting something in the oven or microwave you were craving to eat...) So yeah we're exhausted.

Motherhood can wear you out. But does it have to do that to you?

People in your life can and will witness you struggling and may offer to help you with your child or children. Some people will help you because they desperately know you need and deserve a break other will help you with sometimes hidden motives or intentions. If possible find out when someone will be able to help free you from motherhood. It can be just for a few hours, a day, or a weekend, hell some moms even can get longer. Just be able to practice the art of detachment as a mother because it can be hard to do especially when you are attached to your children regularly. 

Motherhood shouldn’t place your needs on the back burner.

The chores that come along with motherhood can exhaust you. It was causing me to feel guilty for not being a time traveler who could magically be able to place her baby in daycare and work on my blog and books, all while getting a nice calorie-burning workout in.

This all-consuming mentality weekly was making me feel inadequate. I knew I was doing the best I could, all the time., but I often questioned if I was doing enough. Motherhood was causing me to feel as if I should do MORE—even though the main thing I needed was a break. The constant yearning for some time to myself and away from my kids was robbing me of my peace of mind.

I'm giving myself a break in many ways.

I'm giving myself a break from the guilt of not feeling as if I am not doing enough. 

I'm giving myself a break from feeling burned out weekly.

I'm giving myself a break from feeling like I failed somewhere in motherhood because my 4-year-old has a speech delay.

I'm giving myself a break from thinking at times that I am not worthy of a break from my children.

I'm giving myself a break from thinking I would look more attractive if my boobies weren’t so saggy and deflated after breastfeeding for a total of three years with both of my children.

I'm giving myself a break from going through an exhausting divorce.

I'm giving myself a break from feeling incapable. I am still goal orientated and still big on the power of prayer and manifestation. I'm focusing less on the feeling of being incapable of accomplishing my short and long-term goals, and more on the on tiny steps I'll take to get there.

Motherhood is a beautiful unpredictable journey —and I'm the only person who can control how I handle it.

I desire to be a role model to my kids—that mommy loves them unconditionally and is committed to living out her dreams—while acknowledging that she needs time for herself too. I deserve a break from my kids every once in a while too and I don’t feel about making it known. 

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  1. Why haven’t you got a job yet? Seems like you’re still stuck in the “stay at home wife” mentality. Get a job . Get money live life stop with the excuses . Jobs are constantly hiring and all of this time there’s no excuse . Hope for the best