What comes to your mind when you think of a desirable woman? Maybe it’s her looks. Maybe it’s her personality. Maybe it’s her aura. The dictionaries define “Desirable” as “worth having or wanting; pleasant, excellent or fine.” For both men and women, there are many things that can define a desirable woman. Let’s talk about five of the habits of a highly desirable woman.

1.     They are passionate about life-their own lives.

Whether they are in a relationship or not a desirable woman does not cling to or suffocate their partners.  They understand that their partner enhances their lives but are not their life. They also do not waste time gossiping or worrying about people or situations out of their control.  

Desirable women are busy taking on life for all it’s worth. They have a sense of humor and do not take life too seriously. These women have separate careers, interests, and bank accounts from their partners. They also are not eager to merge their lives with their partners in hopes of greater closeness. Desirable women understand that independence fuels desire.

2.    They have realistic boundaries, and they are verbal about them.

Doormats do not fuel desire.  Desirable women are not difficult or high maintenance. However, they do expect a certain standard of treatment. They are not afraid to voice their needs.  

Desirable women are not afraid to make their boundaries known. If they are seeking a mate, they attract partners who are deeply respectful and courteous. Desirable women are willing to speak their minds and stand within their self-respect and confidence.

3.     They are graceful with a grateful lifestyle.

Grace and elegance are not qualities you compromise with. Desirable women are just not about their appearance but their aura. What makes a woman highly desirable when she is graceful is that they don’t worry about their physical shortcomings. It is their grateful lifestyle that adds to how they carry themselves with elegance and charm. It is a certain type of flare that only a desirable woman can possess.

          4.  They attract and don’t chase people.

Highly desirable women would rather invest their own charisma because they know running after people is just a waste of time. They also value that it is a much better idea to become better versions of their own selves. They live a life that people are intrigued to watch and take notice of their progress.

They don’t have to chase money or people because they are just too busy creating a better life for themselves. They attract all that they want and deserve. Their carefree and confident attitude exudes effortlessly.

5.     They Know How to Communicate Effectively.

They apply thoughtfulness in communicating effectively, no matter which language those words are in. They are logical with the right mix of rationality and emotion in their approach to people and situations. Desirable women do not have to scream or yell to convey their thoughts or feelings.

They will let you talk; they will listen, display empathy, and show genuineness in their interactions. They value the importance of being a great communicator and they also know what it takes to be one.

The takeaway

These are a few of the characteristics of highly desirable women. Obviously, there are many other traits that can be deemed “desirable.” There are a few characteristics that will always leer us in.

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