6 Months Post Divorce

in , , by Linda B Hurd, April 15, 2023

I accept all that comes with growth. I acknowledge all that comes with healing. I am eager to experience all that comes from this decade of my life. This month marks six months since my divorce had finalized. I still remember the day I filed. The emotions I felt and the conversation I had with my lawyer leading up to receiving my divorce decree. There has been so much progress made within this time. 

April 2023

I have a full-time job. My son is progressing with speech therapy. My daughter is in daycare full-time. The goals that I have aligned for myself are much more attainable. Plus, I’m closer to getting on my feet this year. I am happy that Eli and Alina have their dad in their life. Even though co-parenting with their dad has had its woes, I am still assured that it will improve.

During these months, I have been learning more about myself. I’ve been eating well, resting, and enjoying the little things. There’s been something comforting about going on evening walks with my kids. Life has been about savoring the moment. Taking photos. Documenting experiences. Letting myself learn from experiences and mistakes. Dating when time permits. Having meaningful conversations with others. 

Fueling my body with nourishing foods, meals, and comforting desserts. Getting close to Christ. I am doing enough while being enough. Life has always had a purpose, but it has even more now that I am living without expectations. I am embracing the glow that I carry from within. 

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