Recently, I embarked on a new chapter by starting birth control, and the first month has been a rollercoaster of emotions, adjustments, and self-discovery. As a single mom of two wonderful children, I've learned that adaptation and resilience are crucial aspects of the journey.

Embracing Change with an Open Heart

Becoming a single mom wasn't a choice I made lightly. However, it's a role I've embraced with love and determination. With my two children, each day brings both joy and challenges. However, after careful consideration, I decided it was time to take control of my reproductive health by starting birth control. This decision wasn't just about me. It was about ensuring I could provide the best life for my existing family while maintaining the stability we've built together.

The Initial Hurdles and Emotional Waves

The first month on birth control was anything but smooth sailing. I had to adapt to a new routine. Remembering to take the pill simultaneously every day before I take any of my other supplements, and while dealing with potential side effects presented their own challenges.

Amidst the daily juggling act of parenting, working to make a living, and still having some whine-down time to myself, the birth control journey seemed like just another ball to keep in the air.

Emotionally, I experienced a whirlwind of feelings. Guilt, for taking this step for myself. Anxiety plagued my mind about whether I was making the right choice. I even experience relief in knowing that I was taking steps to shape our future on my terms. It became apparent that this was not just a physical transition, but an emotional one as well.

Outside Support & Self-Care 

As a single mom, it can be easy to put oneself last on the list of priorities. However, the birth control journey taught me that taking care of myself is vital not only for my well-being but for the well-being of my children too. 

I sought support from friends, trusted family members, and my online community. It did not take weeks to discover that I wasn't alone in my experiences. Sharing stories, advice, and empathy with other single moms navigating similar paths was incredibly empowering.

Self-care became a non-negotiable aspect of this journey. I started dedicating small pillars of time each day to focus on myself. Whether it was reading a few pages of a book, taking a bubble bath soak, or simply enjoying a cup of tea in solitude. It was in these moments that allowed me to recharge and reminded me that by nurturing myself, I could continue to nurture my children.

Reflections on One Month

As I reflect on my first month on birth control, I am struck by how much I've learned about myself. It's shown me that embracing change, no matter how challenging can open doors to new perspectives and growth. Every step, no matter how small, towards self-improvement has a positive domino effect on my children and our shared life.

While the journey is ongoing, I look forward to the future with renewed optimism. I am excited to see how these small decisions and adaptations will add up over time. My choices now will have an influence not only on my own life but on my children's lives as well. With each day that passes, I am reminded that by navigating the complexities of single motherhood with courage, grace, and a willingness to learn. We are creating a story of resilience and empowerment for ourselves and others.


As a single mom of two, my journey on birth control has been a mixture of challenges, emotions, and newfound strength. The first month served as a reminder that life is full of transitions. With each transition, it brings an opportunity for growth. 

By prioritizing self-care and staying up with my health I am confident in my ability to continue making choices that benefit not only myself but also my precious children. This experience has reinforced my belief in the power of adaptation and the strength that comes from embracing change with an open heart.

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