Last year, I learned firsthand that the dating world in your 30s, especially after a divorce and as a mother of two, can be both exciting and challenging. This past year has been a journey of self-discovery, independence, and a realization of the values that truly matter in a relationship.

In this blog post, I'll share my dating experiences, the lessons learned, and the newfound perspective that has shaped my outlook on love and commitment.

The Early Challenges

In my first year post-divorce, I encountered various men with different intentions. I connected with many of these individuals from dating apps, since I did not have many opportunities to meet people in person. Many of the men seemed to be solely interested in short-term connections, lacking the commitment and depth I was seeking.

It became evident that not everyone I met shared the same principles and values regarding relationships. This phase was a crucial learning experience, highlighting the importance of being discerning and patient in matters of the heart.

Discovering Independence

Last year, my readiness for a serious relationship was hindered by a lack of independence. Living without my own space and starting over after heartbreak made me realize the importance of self-sufficiency.

However, the journey toward independence was a process. It involved finding an apartment, maintaining a working job, paying my bills, and experiencing life on my terms. This newfound sense of autonomy has been empowering and pivotal in preparing me for a committed relationship.

Changing Priorities

As I continue to navigate the dating landscape, my priorities have evolved. It's no longer just about finding companionship; it's about aligning with someone whose morals, principles, and character resonate with mine.

The desire for a committed relationship has grown stronger. I am more focused on having a well-balanced life, household, and mind. I've come to understand that true compatibility goes beyond surface-level connections.

Seeking Alignment

One of the significant shifts in my approach to dating is the emphasis on shared values and spirituality. I've realized the importance of seeking a partner with a relationship with God, as it forms a foundation for a deeper connection. This has become non-negotiable, as I believe that shared faith can contribute to the strength and resilience of a relationship.

Patience and Self-Improvement

In the pursuit of a committed relationship, patience has become a valuable virtue. Rather than rushing into a connection for the sake of it, I've chosen to invest time in self-improvement. This period of self-discovery allows me to grow individually, making me a better partner when the right person comes along.


My dating experience at 30, post-divorce, has been a transformative journey. From facing the challenges of casual connections to embracing independence and changing priorities, each step has contributed to my personal growth.

Now, with a clearer sense of self and a stronger desire for a committed relationship, I am navigating the dating world with patience, discernment, and a hopeful heart. As I continue this journey, I look forward to the day when the right person discovers the person I've become – independent, resilient, and ready for a love that aligns with my values.

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