About one week ago from today, I received my business cards in my mailbox. I was excited and was feeling as if I  was truly accomplished getting not only my government name on a piece of colorful cardstock, but my passion to write. The same week of ordering my business cards my bank account read $35.56. Someone else in the world, probably would have backed down from placing an order on the site. Working a part-time job and contributing to helping my husband pay the bills can sometimes leave my account close to the negatives. I learned to embrace my struggle. Placing an order for my business cards was going to leave me with only $16.00 dollars and some change. It was a chance that I was willing to take to BRAND myself. Here is why...

  • No one was going to do it for me! 
  • It was a chance worth taking.
  • It will pay off in more than one way in the future.
  • I am worth the hard work that I place into my brand.

I had to take my chances to see that if actually holding my brand in the palm of my hand was going to seem real! I had to find out for myself if I was truly worth sharing my brand with the world. When was the last time, you realized that you are worth being discovered? When was the last time that you realized that you was worth being heard? 

I was starting to grow annoyed just from staring at my business cards everyday for a week that set on my dresser. The same business cards that I damn near spent my last money on for my brand. My brand, that I was scared to share with people in person. I had no clue how, I was going to spread the word about this blog site that you are reading (shefoundstrength.com) and my freelance writing skills.

I had to finally realize that I truly do have something special to share with the world and of course, YOU. My reader, whose proabably wanting  knowledge and someone who is curious enough to read on. 

You may have picked up one of the 12 books/magazines today in Barnes & Nobles on the Westbank of New Orleans and wondered who is this girl, Linda Hurd that left her business card in my book or magazine? 

Well, guess what? Linda Hurd is a risk taker! She wasn't bold enough to give you her business card in person today, but that doesn't make her lame or non-approachable. She actually left her business card in a book or a magazine that catered to your reading pleasure. If you were curious to open a book in Barnes & Noble today and google my site, I just want to say thank you.

The back of my business cards.

I found my inner strength today to  step out of my comfort zone and to finally put out my business cards. I passed my cards out in an unusual way for most folks here is a list below of a few of the books and magazines that I left my business cards in:

Girl Boss By: Sophia Amorous 

& Destiny By: TD Jakes 

The Reader's Digest Magazine

War Room

Black Enterprise & Black Entrepreneurs

These are just a few of the 12 books and magazines that I placed my business cards in. These are all books and magazines that I love and have read myself. It truly was fun finally stepping out of my comfort zone today. Will you dare take the time out of your day to reach out to people who would love to discover your brand? In conclusion, stepping out of your comfort zone may seem a little scary at first, but you never know the confidence it will bring you in the end.

Me and my wet hair in Barnes & Nobles

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