There are countless women who already know that having sex with a man won't and will not make him stay with you. But, my question is how many women actually believe that their sex won't send a man packing?  

Let me let you know this. Once you have sex with a man, he most likely won't have that same motivation to win you or even the same image of you as he imagined.

As a woman, knowing and understanding your value is key. I am damn sure, you aren't worth a nice luxury dinner, a movie, and one night of mind-blowing sex. If you did end up sleeping with him just because of an amazing night or he did a kind act, then he will know that one of the main reasons you slept with him was, because you felt OBLIGATED

He will lose all respect for you, because he already will have it in his mind, "Damn, she not use to a man taking her out or even treating her. I could probably do this sh*t every weekend and get some." 

Sure he probably has you as his WCW on Instagram or he probably hides you from the world and y'all are a secret that remains behind closed doors. 

But, where is your self-worth hiding? 

When you truly understand what you are worth, what you deserve from a man, and a relationship this will all register to you perfectly. 

If a man is TRULY interested in you, I mean going the extra mile and more just to spend time with you, and is communicating with you; don't feel under pressure mentally to reward him with your goods. 

Don't allow the money that a man makes get you hot and ready for a payday. (When I say Pay Day, I don't mean the candy bar either.) Hopefully, you caught my drift. 

 A man will find out if he is 'interested' in you, and what will count, bag, and lure you in. 

Now if he realizes within the amount of time you both are communicating that you are only interested in his money; he will be only interested in you for (SEX.)

It won't matter to him how mind-blowing your oral or doggy style skills are to him. To him, you are just a piece of p*$$y that would do anything for his money. 

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Be smart and always be ten steps ahead of his tricks. You are not for sale and you are not a ticket to a theme park. Value yourself! It doesn't matter how beautiful, spontaneous, or hardworking you are! A man would get a laugh out of sleeping with you and still leave you after letting him get one of the most precious parts of you! I'm pretty sure that you don't want to be that friend who always is having problems with men after you let them have sex with you. 

Allow a man to prove himself to you. By allowing him to prove himself to you he will learn to value your time and attention. 

Therefore, allowing a man to continuously prove his interest in you and not your sex is key. This means holding out and building a deeper understanding, love, and respect for one another. Love yourself through the journey and don't allow low-self-esteem to make you feel like you aren't 'having fun dating.' You are worth being someone's soul mate and even their wife. Choose your men wisely. Don't let the men choose you to be their lil' something on the side. Respect your own value. Find your inner strength. 

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