You may have been friends with this certain individual for months, years, or even decades, and now the friendship has run it's the course. Ending or going through a broken friendship can be painful. Broken friendships can lead one or both depressed, angry, or even filled with resentment. I want you to know that you do not have to suffer from the ending of a friendship.

Accept The Apology That You Never Received. 

If and only if you know that deep down in your heart, you did no wrong by this person, accept the apology that you never receive or did receive, but you brushed it off. Don't let this person have power over your emotions. For example, someone mentions their name, and your blood starts boiling, and your nerves start getting all bad from just thinking about them. You don't need or should you ever be that person! By accepting the apology that you probably did not receive will give you the closure that you "will need to move on."

Remember That Life Goes On

You both fell out. Accept it and move on. Life will go on with or without you feeling all down in the dumps. That person came into your life for a very particular reason and to teach you something. Lesson learned. As you continue to live, you will meet other people you can interact with and even become friends with. He or she was not the last person on this earth that you will ever label a 'true friend.' There is someone out there who would love to be friends with you and learn from you too.

Don't Be Bitter; Be Better.

Many people get very upset after getting played or even fighting with someone they once labeled a friend that they turn bitter. That person may start posting all types of slangs on their Instagram, Tumblr, or even Facebook. It's basically their way of getting the upper hand on that individual and letting the world know about their pain. My advice is to be better. If that person wants to unfollow you on any social media platforms, then let them do that, and don't be mad! Be better than to air out the loss of a so-called friend (or whatever the case may be.) Keep it pushing and if you want to be petty, then be petty. Just be a better person and don't dwell on the old friendship. 

Understand That You Can't Take Everyone With You On Your Journey

In your life, you will have blessings that with come in the form of life lessons. Take time to reflect or even write down what you have learned from the friendship. Where you are going in life, you can not take this person along with you. That friend and friendship will hinder your growth and blessings. God of the universe (if you don't believe in God) has taken this person from your life to open your mind and clear your vision. This journey that you are embarking on is only going to make you stronger. You don't need them in your life. It was a choice.

Time Heals Everything

After you have followed all four tips above, you must understand that time heals everything. I understand that you are still probably pissed off in some sort of way, but you can not let that get the very best of you. Don't become play the victim; play the role of the victorious one. You made it through a friendship that could have destroyed you mentally or physically. You came out on top. You learned to let go. You learned to not be bitter, but in fact, to be better. Let time heal that wound and smile because you have moved on. 

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